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Jose A Teixeira - Sunday a.m. Session

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Seeking the Lord and feeling his presence is a daily quest.


We have many resources to deepen our understanding of Jesus Christ.


The more we understand the role of Jesus  Christ the more we understand our purpose in this life.


The joy of living in righteous can continue despite our tribulations.


The fulfillment of joy can only be achieved through Jesus Christ.


Let’s not leave for tomorrow what we can do today.


Today is the day to come unto Christ.


Every day we should include the teachings of Christ.


Simple behaviors in this modern time to become a balm for our souls.


Modern technology has profoundly changed our world and how we interact with others.


We are blessed with excellent online resources including those developed by the Church.


The choices we make with our time online are decisive.


3 habits to develop healthy online habits:


Visit the Church’s official websites for resources.

Subscribe to the Church’s official social networks.

Make time to set aside your mobile devices.


Take time to visit with family and friends and turn the pages of scriptures.


The habit to set aside your mobile device will enrich your life.


Your life is not limited to a 4 inch screen.


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