Dieter F. Uchtdorf - Sunday a.m. Session

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On Easter Sunday we celebrate the most long awaited event in the world.


The destiny of all of God’s children changed.


Because of the sacrifice of the Savior, death has no sting.  Death has no victory.  Satan has no power.


We often speak of the Savior’s atonement and rightly we should.


As we speak of Christ at every opportunity, we must never lose our sense of awe and eternal gratitude of the sacrifice of the Son of God.


It was through this last sacrifice that Jesus Christ brought salvation to all who should believe in His name.


The only explanation for the Savior’s sacrifice is that God loves us perfectly.


The grace of God is the most wonderous of things.


We should know of God’s grace if we intend to inherit what has been prepared for us in heaven.


Grace unlocks the gates of heaven.


The grace of God does not just restore us to our previous innocent state.


God wants his sons and daughters to become like Him.


The path of discipleship does not lead backwards, it leads upwards.


All that the Father has shall be given unto us.


We need more than an unlocked gate.  We need to enter with a changed heart.


God pours out blessings so that we can overcome the quicksand of the deceiver.


It is by the grace of God that if we humble ourselves and have faith, weak things can become strong.


His grace refines us.  It helps us become our best selves.


Do we understand our indebtedness to our Heavenly Father?


Salvation can not be bought with the currency of redemption.  It is paid for through the atonement.


Why is obedience to God’s commandments so important?


We obey the commandments of God out of love for Him.


As we walk the pathway of discipleship it refines us.


Our obedience to God’s commandments becomes natural due to our love of God and the goodness of God.


Living the gospel is not a burden.  


We seek to obey our Heavenly Father because our spirit will become more in tune with spiritual things.


It is by grace that we can be saved after all that we can do.


Many times we misinterpret the phrase “after all that we can do.”


We are not saved “because” all that we can do.


Many feel discouraged because they constantly fall short.


God’s grace is available today to all whose hearts are broken and spirits contrite.

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Guest LiterateParakeet

I loved this talk.  You know what is really prospective missionary son (papers are in and we are waiting!) shared his testimony last Sunday and it was like a preview of this talk!  In one part it was almost as if Pres. Uchtdorf was quoting my son!  Crazy and cool!

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