The Last Teddy Bear


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The Last Teddy Bear


A troop of sadly sent bears
An adorable soothing display
Testaments of sorrowful prayers
Arranged like a golden bouquet


Of every size we possessed 
Large and small we lovingly gave
The ache in our hearts was suppressed
Left sleeping in peace at the grave


The children left smiling with gifts
The sad tokens of love that day
Our spirits felt the sweet lift
That ended our day the right way


But oh, one teddy bear left
I withheld it fearing the pain
Reserved for feeling bereft
My need for a keepsake so plain


Over the years I've been blessed
With many a squeeze for my grief
I loan him to family when stressed
To soothe them when needing relief


So old my companion and I
Still on my heartstrings he tugs
Whenever I feel like a cry
He’s there with unlimited hugs.


Aeglyn April 2015

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