Angels of Mercy


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Angels of Mercy


Whispered in our ears
Ere the moment of our birth
‘Return one hundred years
After living on this earth’


Some may live much longer
Some may live far less
Some are just born stronger
With some born in excess


Some are born in poverty
Though some achieve success
Some have earned their liberty
While some still are oppressed


But those who are born meeker
Have learned what true love brings
Though experiences were bleaker
They have learned to use their wings


These angels are among us
Each and every single day
They normally don’t raise a fuss
For service is their way


If you should have a special need
Concede it unto God
Whose loving Spirit moves with speed
To, these waiting angels, prod


So when our time is surely come
And all our deeds be known
We’ll know who spoke with angels’ tongue
Beneath our Father’s throne.


Then a query in our ears
Ere the moment of our death
‘How well have you spent your years?
While you lived with borrowed breath?’


The answer you accord
To this question is profound
Were you an angel for the Lord?
While you were on the ground?


I pray the God of Glory
Sees within your life's parade
A sweet angelic story
Full of charity conveyed.



Aeglyn April 2015

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