Hidden treasure? – Miracles in plain sight?


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This week I had the privilege of a “special” tour on the church conference center.  I realize but not fully understand that many do not consider modern discovery and technology as something associated with miracles.   The conference center is both state of the art technology and many inspired miracles.  A couple of things I learned – The famous Arnold Friberg paintings were never commissioned by the Church.  They were commissioned by the Primary president that wanted to bring the Book of Mormon to life for children.  When the Church refused to pay for the commission the primary president sold off her personal property to pay for them – and then designated in her will that the paintings be given to the church.  There was to be one painting for each month in the year to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Primary.   The primary president did not live to see the paintings completed.  All the original Arnold Friberg paintings are displayed in a special gallery designed for their purpose in the Conference Center.  What a gift and sacrifice for children.


The Conference Center is the largest building in the world dedicated to G-d.


Interestingly – most visitors to the Conference Center are not local Utah residents.  I have been to the conference center on a number of occasions to attend conference and other activities – until this week I have never visited the Conference Center just to become acquainted with the great miracles open to display that like the burning bush to Moses is only known to those that would turn aside to see the miracle.


How many other hidden in plain sight treasures are miracles in our own time?

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Is a "special tour" different than the tours that others go on?


If you just show up at the conference center you will be put with a group and go on a "standard" tour.  This is because the group may have individuals that know little or nothing about the LDS Church.  If you go with a "group" the tour guides will attempt to tailor the tour to the level of interest.  I was with a group of LDS engineers and wives.  My wife was disappointed that so much or our tour time was spent on the "king truss" but there is nothing like it -- anywhere.


I was also personally engaged with the Book of Mormon paintings - especially the symbolism in the final painting of the fall of the Nephite nation as Mormon is passing from battle wounds.  Behind Mormoni (in the painting) is the ruined and bloodstained banner or title of liberty originally made by Moroni's name sake.


I strongly suggest that anyone going to tour the Conference Center - that you create your own group and arrange in advance for your "special tour".

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It sounds like your tour was a great experience, and thanks for sharing the information about the Book of Mormon paintings! It's a good reminder about how much the Church relies on individual members and their sacrifices.


Your comment about "hidden treasures" is to me an invitation to make use of everything we've been given in these latter days as it relates to the gospel. We have so, so much light available to us and if we don't make use of it then it's "hidden" to us. We can only receive more, as individuals and as a Church, after making the most of what we already have.

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I also had on Tuesday of this week a tour of the Convention Center.

I only became familiar with this venue at Conference time last month, as I am a recent convert to the faith.

My tour, a walk in consisted of myself and a 'geologist' from Wharton College group on a geology tour who spoke not one word on the tour.

Which gave me 40 minutes or so to hear the tour and find out extensive personal info about the tour guide, how he got there, where he lived, his life in the faith, his family, his politics, after informing him of my recent baptism, getting congrats, then sharing some of my story with him.

I think the 'college guy' did ask a question at the end, which must have been "aren't you going to try to convert me?" because I heard the tour guide answer "oh, we can't prosetlyize (something like that, I think), only the missionary sisters can do that, talk to them".

I guess the tour guides have rules about what they can say, but I sure enjoyed the tour, the miracle that is the center, the faith and the people in the faith.


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