The first Sacrament meeting ever held since the Sacrament's establishment - do we have a record of it?


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On 5/16/2015 at 5:33 PM, moonman239 said:

I'd kind of like to know what the first Sacrament meeting was like.



I posted part of the following in another thread and I am also editing/adding some more info. Hope is helpful, sorry for the late reply.

In the early days, the Saints met on the Sabbath following the tradition of most Protestant Churches at that time. They held two services, one before noon (the preaching service) and a second after lunch (sacrament meeting), usually outdoors if the weather was good, member's homes or even schools. In Nauvoo, the gathering was often times too large to fit in a meetinghouse so they were forced to meet outdoors.

The Lord's Supper (as it was called) was administered for the first time when the Church was organized (April, 1830), there were approximately about thirty men and women and it was a Tuesday.The second reference we have is June of the same year (first general conference, a Wednesday).  A few months later, the hymns were added. It wasn't uncommon to hear sermons while they were passing the sacrament or hear Saints singing, or playing an instrument. All of these things stopped with time around the 1940's when leaders counseled reverence and no distractions during the service. Sunday was chosen as the day to meet almost a year and a half later after the Restoration. Also, in the early years of the Church, the sacrament was administered as the last item, after the sermons.


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