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Anyone know of a good whitelist internet tool? I've been using a web filter tool for years now but I've come to the conclusion that it's not enough.


I feel it's time to lock down the fort so to speak and found that white listing is the way to go. Rather than try to categorize and filter the whole internet, I'll simply choose in advance the few websites I need and approve of and only these few will be allowed entry.


The problem I've found is finding a good one that uses wildcard filtering. Password protection is needed to and the solution needs to be device rather than network based. I want to be able to take my computer anywhere and know that regardless of what connection I'm linked to, as long as I'm on THIS laptop, I'm safe.


Anyone have any suggestions?



P.S. In my searching, for those who are interested, OpenDNS appears to be exactly what I'm looking for but on a network basis rather than device. If you're wanting to lock down your home to where only specific websites are accessible, this appears to be a really good solution!

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You can set DNS settings on the network adapter that is contained within the laptop for open DNS. Your local device DNS settings take precedence over any upstream (a.k.a. router) settings. Just as a side note, if you use alternative DNS settings you won't be able to use the internet at ward buildings with wifi. The church blocks DNS requests to non-church DNS servers. (Password depends on windows account privileges)

You could also use k9-webfilter. It's free. I don't think it works by white listing though. It's quite comprehensive, you could enable all the filter categories and then make exceptions(whitelist) for sites you want I think. (Software uses password)

Oh and I think windows also has parental control options. You will need to make a non-administrative account and then set the controls up. Now might be a good time to ask what operating system you are using  :animatedthumbsup: (Email login to change settings)

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For what it's worth, you don't even need third party software to do this and it seems a little overkill to install a bloated application for such a simple task (assuming just a white list and nothing else is what you really want).

If you're sure that you want a local filter, not a network based filter, then the creation of a simple proxy PAC file will do the trick - it'd only take a few minutes to create and implement and i could write one now and post it to tje forum for you to use. Essentially you'd tell your browser that if you're visiting one of the white list sites, send the request traffic through the normal route (direct). Anything else, send the traffic to a location that doesn't really exist and the website will then obviously fail to load.

I actually did something similar a few years ago in a corporate environment when the network filter was temporarily playing up for a particular website and not blocking it as it should have been.

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Thanks for the responses =).


Actually, K9 is the filter I've been using for quite a while =) and I too recommend it. The problem I was having is that I wasn't able to get wild card white listing to work through K9. It's not robust enough.


The problem with the family Open DNS settings is that they wouldn't be sufficient to what I'm seeking. You're also right that it likewise wouldn't work because Open DNS is a network and not device driven and I need this to be locked down where ever I go.


The reason for a third party is because once the settings are in place, I want to turn over the key to a third party for safe keeping. The goal is to put all possible forms of temptation out of reach not only regarding anything regarding the law of Chastity but also anything regarding recreation/entertainment as well.


The good news is that I finally found something that looks like it will do what I've been seeking. Kaspersky seems to have the white listing tool I seek as part of their internet protection tool and I'll know within the 30 day trial period whether or not it will make the cut.

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