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I'm new to the forums. Portland native of Tongan descent, I have a lot of family(as in 75%) who are in the church, have attended many services, functions, dances, fed/helped elders, etc., and have even been pursued for conversion, which didn't end well for me or my pursuers. And just to throw it out there, I'm likely never going to be a convert as I have no interest in actively participating in any form of organized religion. But I'm just here to learn more about the faith and more specifically the Mormon perspective, even if I spend most of my time disagreeing with others. I think you(the Church) have something beautiful to offer the world, and outside of a Christian Evangelical community that is rapidly declining, the LDS community and network is the only dependable ally I have, standing up for my values on a whole range of issues, from traditional marriage, to the importance and centrality of the family to making this American experiment work.


So it's nice to be here, and I look forward to participating in your forums.

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