What's the last board game you played?


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Our group has been on hiatus for about six months.  We are starting up again Friday night.  I am running them through the Giant series.  There are occasional "trips" into Ravenloft.  Currently they are in the upper level of G1.  My group consists of one of my old high school friends, his son, my sons and some other kids in the ward.  Unfortunately I am the DM, so I don't get to "play" as it were, but I enjoy creating the stories.  We use AD&D/First Edition rules.

That doesn't have THAC0 does it?

*jerome1232 assumes the fetal postion and begins crying.

I seriously love the newer D20 system. 3.5 is where I'll stay forever... even though I don't technically play anymore.

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I'm shocked and offended at the lack of mentions of Settlers of Catan!...

Don't be offended neighbor. I mentioned it 11 days ago. :)


...don't get a lot of time to play much of anything unfortunately.

Understood completely. But gotta unstring the bow every now and then.

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Had some friends over and ended up dusting off one of our old games I have cast into ameritrash outer darkness. 





We actually had a blast with lots of laughter. I'm glad my son decided to dig it out of his closet.


Finally unboxed Arcadia Quest and set it up, but didn't have time to play thru a scenario. Looks like it will be fun and the figures are adorable.


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My husband gave me a new game for my birthday recently, Spy Alley. I enjoy those kinds of games, where the strategy (and level of enjoyment) depends more on knowing your opponents versus knowing the game itself. We hope this one will be similar to Resistance and Acquire (and others) because they bring my family closer -- even though it might seem to outsiders that we are about to claw at eachothers' throats. We are always left with a peculiar feeling of satisfaction, closeness, and contentment, that we know eachother that well, the good and the bad attributes, in order to play the game so well.

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