Best day of my life!


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I am so overcome with joy today, my wife and I were finally married after being together for seven years, she isn't LDS yet but will be getting baptized in a few weeks from now.  I have been ex-communicated for over 10 years and had a lot of challenges to overcome.  My wife and I have been going to church together for seven years and have a strong testimony of the gospel, there have been things in our lives that we had to overcome as a couple and individually that prevented us from getting married sooner but I believe everything happened in God's timing and now that we are married and can progress in the gospel and as a couple striving to be sealed in the temple together, our lives are just being blessed tremendously.  Today, I found out that I won't have to wait a year before being re-baptized which means that my wife and I can be sealed in the temple a year sooner than we both had thought.  I can probably be baptized the same day as my wife now and what's even better than that is that my sister in law and her two kids just told us they are all getting baptized in the church on August 29th!  They had been coming to church with us for a year several years ago and had Anti-Mormon literature presented to them and stopped going after that.  It was the most disappointing thing as her kids loved going to church with us.  I feared that they would never regain that desire to come back but again, the lord was working his plan in their lives and now they are getting baptized.  Growing up mormon I always wondered how my dad always had the desire to live righteously.  I had never had that burning desire to be so righteous but now that i'm married and can finally progress in the gospel I have the overwhelming love for the Gospel and realize how much I have missed being in good standing with the church and living my life according to the commandments.  I honestly can't stop crying as I am so grateful that all these things are finally happening and I know how much joy the gospel gives us.  Just had to share all this with someone!  God is so great!

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Thanks so much, I'm so motivated to share the gospel with everyone know!  I love seeing people come into the gospel and changing their lives.  My wife used to be addicted to over the counter drugs, smoking, drinking and living a crazy lifestyle, when we met I wasn't in the best condition myself and we helped each other change and overcome so many things.  When we started going to church, my wife changed everything and she is a completely different person now.  That had a huge effect on My sister in-law who has quit smoking, drinking and other things so she can be baptized.  

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