Sad news: Elder Scott has died


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Guest LiterateParakeet

1906, I believe.


Wow, how did you know that?!


Someone on Facebook  said, (I haven't verified it) 


1906. Cowley and Taylor were removed from the quorum for practicing polygamy and Marriner Merrill died.

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The last time the Quorum of the Twelve had this many vacancies was in 1906 after the death of Elder Marriner W. Merrill and the resignations of Elder John W. Taylor and Elder Matthias F. Cowley.

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I enjoyed reading this from the Newsroom:


To him there was no conflict between religion and science, but a perfect harmony that further strengthened his testimony of a Supreme Being. “Science is completely compatible with the teachings of why we’re here. And while there are some things that I don’t fully understand, I know I will. ... I just marvel at how the scientific approach has allowed us to understand a lot of things about Father in Heaven’s universe and His work and people that are complementary to the religious principles.”...


Elder Scott spent his life in the pursuit of truth. He had the mind of a scientist but the soul of an apostle of God. He bore testimony that while scientific truths are relative, God’s truths are absolute and will ultimately bring joy to those who follow them. “I think [with] a life centered in truth, with values that are held and kept, and a recognition that we are not all alone, we can receive guidance from the Lord through the Holy Ghost. That is the core of happiness.”


The photo montage the Newsroom put up is lovely - I shed a few tears. 

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