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Does anyone have any ideas on how to share the gospel? I just read Everyday Missionary. I simultaneously want to give a copy to every member of the ward because it is so inspiring and round up every copy ever printed and set them alite because it so terrifying.

Author says: 1) spread the gospel at work even though you are not supposed to. If you do not spread the gospel at work when will you because most of us live our lives at work. Being afraid of spreading the gospel at work in indirectly the wish of Satan to reduce number of converts.

2) Bring up the gospel in conversation. Eg. I had a great weekend, I went to the temple. or Went to a great fireside

3) When people ask if you are Mormon, which hopefully follows from 2) above, say "Yes why do you ask" instead of deluging them with info. Respond to their questions rather than what you assume that they want to know.

4) Ask the Affluent for help with church needs. The affluent want to help someone and have few needs.

5) Set deadlines for yourself and really be desparate to fulfill them.


Yikes! The thought of trying to do this scares me. Any ideas? What are your thoughts?

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I agree with Jane Doe. If your work expressly forbids talking religion, you should not talk religion. I generally don't go out of my way to talk religion at work. But if someone asks me about what I did Sunday, I'll tell them that I went to Church, heard a couple of great sermons, and had some wonderful conversations about scripture topics with my friends.

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2 kids from my son's school wants to sleep over at the house.  My son told them come sleep over on Saturday so I can take you to Church on Sunday.  And they said.... tat tada.... YES!  One is an avowed atheist at age 15, the other has never been inside a Church... any Church... although his parents claim to be Christian.


My son is just so open with everything - including his religion.  He doesn't see a difference between inviting someone to the movies and inviting someone to Church.


The force is strong with this one.

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1) spread the gospel at work even though you are not supposed to.

To me, this would invalidate the entire book.  We are taught to be responsible citizens and employees. To violate corporate rules is grounds for termination. Any member telling you to violate rules and risk your family's livelihood is telling you to be dishonest with your fellow man.


Be yourself in all environments. If you are a faithful and active member, you will have spiritual experiences that will cross over to all aspects of your life, including work. You will bring up events related to your calling or talks given etc. That is different than preaching at work. Talking about your personal life is not a violation of work ethics.  Asking people to take a Book of Mormon or missionary discussions is.

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