Predictions for 2016?


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You can be happily pessimistic. They aren't mutually exclusive.


You're mistaking my being pragmatic for pessimism.  The fact is, is that the U.S. cannot continue in its course of defying God.  This is Zion and it must and will be held accountable for it's perversions and acceptance of sin.  I see the legalization of homosexual marriage as the last straw, because liberals have taken the single most sacred institution and combined it with the worst perversion in God's eyes.  I look forward to the cleansing of America and the Church because it will mean the end of a nightmare and the beginning of real peace and harmony. 


The cleansing will begin in the Church starting with those who are deceived and then spread to the rest of America, then the world.  I may even be part of that cleansing.  I hope not and I'm doing everything I can to search out what has been written to keep that from happening.  I sound the alarm as much as I can, but, alas, no one listens.  We are like in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the days of Noah.

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Not just this year, but over the course of the next decade, we will see the continued sexualization of children, especially homosexually, until NAMBLA will be mainstream.

NAMBLA itself will never be mainstream; but "public health" policy--especially as applied to teenagers--will tend towards many of the results NAMBLA advocates.

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Hollywood (et al) will continue to fail miserably at depicting the church in any honest fashion. 



Yes folks I *finally* got around to seeing the first episode of "Quantico" that people were talking about a few months ago. Sure enough, ABC brought their usual level of Mormon-bashing to the show. 

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