My co-worker was murdered today


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Doug and I were area partners in our rookie years. He was a good partner, cop and man.

RIP Brother we have it from here.

EOW 1-17-16


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This is just wrong. I don't think the rational human mind can understand why someone would do this to another.


It all seems so pointless.


I'm sorry for your loss and for the community and especially family.


Thank-you for what you do to keep the streets safe. We realize all too well that it could have just as easily been any other officer, could have been you. I'm glad we still have you around.

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This was shared by a friend today on Facebook. I don't know if it is viewable, but if not it is a collage of photos of Officer Doug Barney. So sorry for your loss.

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U.S. Honor Flag to arrive in Utah for Officer Douglas Barney Funeral
Who: Unified Police Department and Office of the Sheriff
What: Receiving of the U.S. Honor Flag for Officer Doug Barney’s Funeral
Where: Utah State Capitol/Fallen Officer Memorial to Larkin Mortuary/260 E. S. Temple
When: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at approximately 2000 hours (8:00 pm)
The Office of the Sheriff is honored to be receiving this tribute for our beloved fallen officer, Doug Barney.
“Shortly after the September 11. 2011 attacks, a flag was gifted to Chris Heisler by the Texas House of Representatives. A hand written note thanked Chris for his efforts; signed, the Texas House of Representatives. Like many Americans, Heisler felt compelled to take action during a horrific time for the United States, and with this flag in tow, he set out for Ground Zero. Along the way, Heisler helped to organize one of the longest police motorcades in the history of the United States, bound for Ground Zero, to our nation’s Heroes. Since 2001, the United States Honor Flag has paid tribute to those who have lost their lives in the line of duty protecting our lives, our homes and our country, and also those who currently serve our communities and our nation.”
Please join us in receiving the U.S. Honor Flag as it enters the State of Utah and is escorted to the Utah State Capitol where it will be received by Sheriff James Winder and his Administration in honor of our fallen comrade.
Members from police agencies across the state will escort the flag from the Utah State line, to the Utah State Capitol Fallen Officer Memorial where we will pay tribute to Officer Barney and all those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice before him. From there, Sheriff Winder will personally deliver the flag to Larkin Mortuary where it will stay with Officer Barney throughout his services.
We anticipate the motorcade arriving at the State Capitol at approximately 2000 hours (8 pm); we will post location updates via the @UPD_Media Twitter page.

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