Over 200,000 crimes committed by migrants in Germany

Jojo Bags

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In a two year period, middle eastern migrants committed 208,344 crimes in Germany.  I'm in agreement with Trump that we need a much more stringent vetting process before allowing any migrants into the country.  What is interesting is that in the process of getting my wife's green card, she has to undergo a background check.  Every potential migrant needs to provide documentation that proves their lack of criminal background.



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I had to provide the National Visa Center with an enhanced criminal record/police certificate from the UK and they performed further FBI "background checks" afterwards, before I was issued a US visa. Bear in mind that many of these immigrants come from countries where such records are either not kept, not kept in any centralized location, have long since been lost or destroyed through war or the government aren't going to cooperate with US embassy requests for such information. So unless an individual has garnered the attention of a foreign government that is included in FBI background checks, such checks will likely not help much.

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