Food Storage - diminished emphasis?

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8 hours ago, DeborahInCalif said:

Yes, sadder still is when my Bishop informed me when I was struggling to find work that there were degreed members of the church flipping burgers at fast food joints because there just isn't work out there.  Sadly too, while I live in the breadbasket of the world, we have a lot of Ward members out of work, unable to store food and kinda takes advantage of a generous Bishop when they get the chance.  He's far too kind in my book, while he does require us to store food, he's had to send RS to certain members' homes only to find they are lying about needing food and using the Bishop's storehouse to hoard food so that they don't have to buy it.

Three kinds of Church members: Saints, Ain'ts, and Rattle-day Snakes.


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