How to help YW gone astray?

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5 hours ago, tesuji said:

If you have no experience with mental illness, then I can understand why you don't understand about it. It doesn't sound to me that you do.

In my opinion, psychological health or illness is much harder to evaluate than a physiological condition. We are talking about the sum of many things - the brain, the mind, the human psyche. These are very complex things, as is their interrelation. And the mind, the eternal human spirit? That's might be the deepest subject of all.

So you're not always going to be able to come up with an easy test for chemical imbalances or whatever. 

Even regular medicine, the physiological type, is far from understanding everything. 


I do have experience with it. What you say in the added portion is very true, yet how many people are willing to turn their lives over to the mostly godless ideas of psychologist. It boggles my mind how people can on one hand admit that the human psyche is an incredibly complex thing yet at the same time claim that one must bow down and give reverence to modern psychology.

We have way more modern gods than people want to admit, and one of those is the modern god of hubris in the form of psychology.  The modern field of psychology is rife with atheists, moral relativism, etc.  Yet rather than going to the source of truth (i.e. the scriptures) we seek advice from false gods.  It is a very sick society.

There are cases where it is very obvious something is wrong in the mind. There are cases where it is not obvious. I think of the example of the football players and the movie Concussion. Men that were going crazy, they had a mental illness and medical science could prove that something was wrong in their brain. No amount of psycobabble bull was going to help these men, they needed something to actually fix the damage to the brain. So yes there are cases where something has gone wrong in the brain (it is damaged), but until one can come up with an actual scientific method to measure exactly what is wrong it psychology is simply the philosophies of men not of God.

Psychology is the new modern day religion.


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21 hours ago, yjacket said:

True, but the principles of being a good parent are the same in being a good leader. It requires authority, respect, love, discipline, etc.  A good leader is not a "friend", they are a leader. One cannot be both a friend and a leader because the moment the leadership responsibility requires enacting some measure of authority over the other person the "friendship" cannot last. Friendship is built on an equal relationship, being a leader is built on an un-equal relationship-to confuse the two is a recipe for disaster.

I would disagree overall; leadership does require momentary inequality, but it can also be very balanced in the longer run.  As an example, I once worked on a couple of projects simultaneously, both of which required a lot of wait time, so the other project manager and I shared crews and worked on each other's crews.  The projects were also different enough that when one of us was on the other's crew, it wasn't as an assistant manager, but as just another worker.  It was a good learning experience for leadership, as we'd be trading in and out of the leader role sometimes a couple times an hour.

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On 4/13/2016 at 8:59 AM, anatess2 said:

Field of Dreams applies here:  If you build the field, they will come.

Basically, build a system to the best of your ability rooted in Christ that is full of love and adventure that brings out the best in young women and fulfills the young women's motto.  Then invite the young women... they will come.  If they won't, then they've exercised their free agency and there's nothing more you can do.


On 4/13/2016 at 2:34 PM, LiterateParakeet said:

I agree that it really needs to be the girls their age who do the fellowshipping.

I think you can fast, pray and seek inspiration. Mostly I think you need to give them unconditional love. Extend a hand of friendship  (I think you can be a friend and a leader). 

Here is a great YW activity that illustrates building a field of dreams and has the YW fellowshipping each other and growing together. Video from Indiana, YW group.



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