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For some time, I had been able to login to the forum under last year's password (probably related to cookies and remember me and the like). Recently, that was all lost, and I had to officially reset my password to login to the site. That went fine, thanks to Pam's help. I decided to try changing my password (Account settings -- change password tab) to something new, but have run into some difficulties.

At first it did not want to let me change the password at all. It requires the old password before it will change to the new password. Interestingly, this password was still the old password from last year. Once I realized this (and found where I had that password still stored), then I was able to change the password in the IPB account settings. However, I cannot see anything that this password unlocks. The reset password is still required to log in to the forum, and I cannot figure out where or how to change that.

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So, our new login system works independently from the IPB account settings. Thanks for letting us know that the password reset settings in IPB are still reachable (they shouldnt' be). You can reset your password using the "Lost/Forgot/Reset your password here" link on the login page. Or just click here. Sorry for the confusion.

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I enter my email address, but the software does not send me an email (or, at least, I do not receive an email) with instructions for changing my password. I see elsewhere, that you are working on an update to the login system, so perhaps I will wait until after that update to try again.

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