Hymns for Seminary Graduation


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Sometimes, I get picked to play hymns during our stake seminary graduation and, as you may have guessed, tonight is one such occasion. However, I have actually picked up a hymnal and gone through some songs for myself.

My question to you all is, while the guidance of the Spirit should always be sought when selecting hymns, what songs do you think are worth consideration for such a big event?

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I've never really considered it before. I think most things like this i've been to will sing things like "True to the Faith" or "As Zion's Youth in Latter Days." In fact, isn't there a topic in the topic's index called "Youth." I think those are mostly the types of songs i've heard sung at these events.

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High on a Mountain Top.

Think of the youth unfurling their banner on the mountain top.  Call the world to look at these youth who have learned His word and are about to go up to serve the Lord, and obey His truth.

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