Blue eyes

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“Blue eyes”

When I lay this mortal down

To fester in the earth

I pray kindly tears are shed

Mute testaments of worth


All my days of grieving

And all my days in pain

Suffered so in silence

Pray hope was not in vain.


I have tried my best

Feeling out my way

Trusting in God’s mercy

Kneeling oft to pray


I know I’m not perfect

Or known for greater deeds

It’s the little things I treasure

Helping those in need


But, often I am left alone

Struggling with my life

Enduring weary quiet times

Searching answers to this strife.


If I have done you harm

Spoken or in deed

I plead for your forgiveness

In peace, let’s be agreed


I hope to live so quietly

And go as I arrived

With nothing less than wonder

Recaptured in blue eyes.


Aeglyn June 2016

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