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Where are all the children?

So helpless in the pitch

Sunken into furrows

Scratching every itch.


They quail at their status

Left hopelessly adrift

Fearing what next will come

And praying it is swift


Will you mark their absence?

Rescue them from death?

Will you shine your candle?

Encourage with your breath?


Or will you warm indiff’rence?

Around a fire bright?

And never brave the darkness

To save who’s lost the light?


Be bold, oh fearful children

When stepping out the door

Remember our own rescue

And the weight of love He bore


He searches for you special

A voice to call us in

Just before the lights go out

No matter where you’ve been


So, head on Home rejoicing

Who are called in from the night

Embraced in welcome smiles

Where love and warmth invite.


Aeglyn June 2016


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