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There are literally hundreds of Bible versions in English. Why? Can all of them be "correct"? It is a heated debate among evangelicals: the "King Jimmy"/KJV-Only crowd, and the rest in opposition. Where does the Mormon church stand?

(I am not referring to LDS belief in a restored gospel - I am only concerned with what is the most complete, accurate, translation of the Bible, and how the leadership views modern versions.)

Supporters of modern Bible versions (NIV, the Message, NASB, Living Bible, etc.) do so usually for intellectual reasons that have no relevance to scripture, except to those who see the Bible as only a work of Man, which is not meant to be taken literally, or is deemed by them to be incompatible with modern values. The other reason I hear is that the newer ones are easier to read.

The KJV crowd feels that modern "per-versions" as they call these upstarts, are made out of greed for profit (we really don't NEED a hundred English Bible versions, do we?) since the KJV of 1611 is Public Domain. They raise the issue of whether UN-godly men have any right to handle the Word of God and translate it with their worldly judgment. 

I can tell you that a search of the publishing company Zondervan led me to a parent company, and thence to Hearst Publications...purveyors of smut like Hustler and Playboy!

Are such persons trustworthy with anyone's holy writings? Especially the Bible, which condemns much of their own conduct?

I can tell you that, as a published writer, I know it is impossible for all the Bibles to be, in truth, genuine, God-inspired Bibles. 


Well, look up publishing copyright law. To be granted a copyright, a work must be "substantially different" from "all other" versions! Thus, all these Bibles cannot be equally Bibles. Each has a copyright. 

This creates a problem in any church, if the body of believers use a variety of Bibles. There is a spirit of discord created by the confusion these sow. People cannot be in 'one accord' if they cannot even read verses together in harmony. Young converts can be overwhelmed by the choices and the disagreements.IMO this plethora of modern Bibles is harmful to followers of Jesus Christ. It is written: God is not the author of confusion.

To restate the question: how does the LDS view modern Bible versions, and what is their preferred Bible for study/corporate prayer?

Taking this article as an example of academic scholarly thought on the matter gives us some facts to check and ponder. It's a bit of a history lesson, too.

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