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The Star of Jacob

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Our Stake had a Musical Christmas Devotional.  Each ward's choir sang one song and had someone provide an introduction.  As our choir director, I presented the following:


Brothers and Sisters, good evening and Merry Christmas.

The (ward name) is please to perform Still, Still, Still -- a traditional Austrian carol written by Georg Gotsch, originally arranged for English audiences by Norman Luboff with English lyrics by Marilyn Keith and Alan Bergman.

The song tells of the stillness of the first Christmas Eve,
The stillness of the stars above,
The stillness of the babe in a manger,
The peace in our hearts as we obtain a hope in Christ.

Since the days of the ancient mariners
Stars guided mankind's journey.
'Twas the Star of Jacob the Wise Men sought.
'Tis that Light of the World we seek today.
'Twas the Holy Star its vigil keeping
Whispered to our Savior in the manger as He lay:
Sleep, sleep. Dream, dream. 
Still, still, still.


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