Briny depths


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Briny depths

How warm the tears, descending
So salty and sublime
Yet bitter in their marrow
Still, a healing anodyne

It’s purely lucid essence
Bubbles out a plea
And pools of limpid sorrow
Are near engulfing me

No skinny-dipping plunges
In the depths of my remorse
No dredging in the shallows
Will impel it to come forth

But gentle swells of kindness
Like a sea around a shore
Love cresting all about me
Now opens up a door

Feelings I can’t fathom
Unceasingly contend
They ebb and flow eternal
I’m uncertain to what end

So bathe me in the wallows
Submerged in my despair
Until tear stained waters clarify
While drenched in fervent prayer.


Aeglyn Dec 2016

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