Srugim - An Israeli TV show about religious singles looking for love


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I've really been enjoying this TV show about devout Jewish singles in Jerusalem. Maybe some of you would enjoy it too.


It's fascinating to me to see religious Jews portrayed as they see themselves, and I've enjoyed learning more about their culture.

As a Mormon, I see many parallels with what it's like for me, being religious in secular America. These people keep the Sabbath, dress modestly, and have very chaste dating relationships. And they are all trying to get married - BYU deja vu :D

Of course, Mormons do not have nearly the same number of daily rituals, but I admire these folks for their devotion. The acting is also first rate, and the characters interesting. I feel like these people are almost my neighbors now.


Here are a couple reviews, which might help explain why this show is interesting:

Why Secular Americans Can’t Get Enough of 'Srugim'

The Best TV Show of 2014 Is From 2008.. And it’s about Modern Orthodox Jews dating in Jerusalem


As far as I can find out, this is only available on Amazon and also DVD. However, in the past it's also been on Hulu, so maybe it will show up there again. If you search on Youtube you can see samples of the show, too.

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