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Henry B. Eyring - General Women's Session

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All of us would like to feel peace within ourselves.

The Lord said He would give peace in His way, not in the world’s way.

This peace would be through the comforter.

His grace is sufficient for all if they humble themselves to the Lord.

Those who do not see their weaknesses do not progress.

The comforter is the agent that the atonement works its change.

The defense against attacks is to keep the Holy Ghost close as your attendant.

The Lord knows the possibility of the heart being changed.

The unity that we seek in our lives and in our families will become attainable when we see others as the Lord sees them.

If ye have not charity, ye have nothing.

Charity is the pure love of Christ.

Keep going.

The father knows us and knows our needs and our name.

He hears our prayers.

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