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This is often how I greet people.

I use the same username just about everywhere, so if "seashmore" looks familiar, it's probably me. 2nd generation LDS, but we usually left church at the chapel, and my mother recently questioned whether she ever even had a testimony of her own. Never married (so I'm lonely and like to talk about myself), unconventional family, all Midwest. At 29, I eased out of the YSA wards by moving to a place without any. I've graduated Institute at least twice, but still have to sing the song to find anything except a Nephi in the Book of Mormon. My calling highlights include: 1st Counselor in RS and YW (separately, of course), Primary Music Leader, Gospel Doctrine teacher, temple worker (I consider my 18 months served to be a mission equivalent), and RS Secretary (4 times in 3 wards, and I've only lived in one ward that didn't call me, probably because I joked about having already done it twice in three years; I'm either really good at it, or I haven't learned anything yet).

I look forward to swapping stories with you.

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