Garmets giving me rashes


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Hello there all! 

I have been so frustrated lately with an issue I have been having with my garmets and I would like to know if anyone else has had this issue and has found a solution. I have been getting extremely bad rashes on my armpits from my garmets for the last little while. I started with carinessa, then changed to cotton-poly. The problem is when these rashes get really bad I dont wear my garmets to bed for a night and I wake up and it is better. I hate not wearing my garmets but I really don't know where to go from here the rash is so painful. Any recommendations because I'm desperate <_<

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I agree with @Sunday21 and @my two cents , I would start by trying to further reduce armpit sweat. I use a deodorant called Mitchum . I've used it since I was a teenager (roll on version, unscented), I sweat all the time but never in my armpits. It really is a mini miracle. There is a ladies version as well.

If deodorant doesn't solve it, there are medicated creams that will. In addition I wear 100% cotton G tops. Personally it sounds more like an armpit issue versus a garment issue. I would guess your armpits simply enjoy being aired out at night more than they actually need the garment removed in order to recover. 

Either way, good luck!


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8 hours ago, Sunday21 said:

I used to get heat rashes in my armpits. I went to the doctor and got some cream. Worked great!

What cream is that?  My wife has trouble with heat rashes.  We never heard there was a treatment.

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Not the armpits, but there were several things that caused problems in regards to new wearer's of garments.

There were some that had what appeared severe rashes on their shoulders, upper arms, and thighs.  A lot of this was caused by hair.  For some reason, the way the garments were designed, they were pulling at the hair in those areas constantly.  This irritated those areas and caused what appeared to be rash.  I think a doctor can prescribe a cream for that in those instances, but I am not sure how those individuals deal with it long term (totally shaving off any sign of the hair and waxing those areas every day?  I have no idea).

Others had the material cause a greater problem in regards to bumps being formed in the upper arm area which was a lot like a rash.  The solution to this was for them to take Vitamin D.

Finally, I had a child that was especially sensitive to heat and thus extra clothing and other elements in many of the under garments would cause a bad rash.  The only solution was to give it time to air out, reduce the heat of the area, and other such solutions.

There was some sort of really loose and very holy type garment they wore, but I can't recall what the actual material was.  However, the best solution was to give it time to rest as it was a medical issue.

Those are the only one's I've dealt with, I hope you can find a solution.

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