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Hello eveybody ! 

So i am originally Romanian and Greek and i am 20 years old . I grew up in Romania in a Seventh day adventist familly who had converted from Orthodoxy. I came to Montreal Canada when i was 7 . I grew up in a familly that had multiple issues , my parents fighting a lot and then after taking their anger on me . i grew up feeling a void inside my soul that i had to fill somehow and i knew that only the Lord could do it . So i started searching all religions and . I kept searching and praying and i eventually stumbled upon The Church of Latter day Saints . At first i was not interessed because my parents were against it . I still kept searching but then i started listening to Mormon videos on the Lord Jesus and the Apostle Paul and i liked it and kept listening to videos on Joseph Smith and i fell in love with him . I Could draw a comparison between him and other great Prophets such as John the Baptist who were trying to bring people from Darkness to Light and i felt the Spirit telling me this is the truth . I contacted the Missionnaries recently and i am meeting with them tomorrow God Willing and i am looking forward to reading The Book of Mormon , Doctrines and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price . I feel that i finally made it and that God after all this search , those sleepless nights of questionning , has finally brought me where i belong , into God loving arms . 

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