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9 minutes ago, Just_A_Guy said:

Yep.  As a Church we can always finesse and improve the way we teach kids (and adults) to engage with the scriptures, I think; but fundamentally and with relatively few exceptions--either people are studying their scriptures, or they aren't; and generally speaking the former group are a lot less likely to be surprised/outraged at the Church's adoption of scriptural teachings and/or practices.

As we all know, when the Mormon leadership really wants to keep something a secret--they write it into the scriptures. ;)

I'll give a story about my eldest son.

He has always been a pretty good boy.  He is what one would often call a straight arrow.  But he had various emotional problems (recently diagnosed with Asperger's) and other issues growing up.  As he got into adolescence, I began worrying that he didn't actually have a testimony.  In fact, he even told me that he had never really felt the Spirit.  

So, we've been working on that as best we could.  We tried many things for many years.  And we always included scripture study.  We did not know how important that would be.  Recently at EFY, I discovered from the YSA leaders that he and his siblings stood out among the others.  They had a firm grasp of the scriptures and doctrines of the gospel.

Prior to that my wife and I felt one of the greatest sensations of pride (the good kind) that we had ever felt.  Our son who is deathly afraid of crowds and public speaking, got up to bear his testimony in Sacrament meeting without any prodding or suggestion.  We looked at each other with love, pride, joy, & relief.  My wife whispered,"Our son has a testimony."

I smiled back and nodded.  And I thought,"He really is going to be ready for his mission."

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27 minutes ago, Carborendum said:

Not only do I want to add my voice to what FP said about this, but I do believe that this particular weakness in how our YM are being trained is a reflection of the blood and sins of our generation.  Too many parents, as well as Church instructors, are not doing their job and emphasizing those principles that are really important.  We tend to always fall back on,"Oh, but of course it doesn't mean..."  While that is sometimes true, it is not true a lot more often than we tend to think.  It really does mean that.

I believe even that is because we've been duped by the subtle activities of Satan.  Children are being raised by Hollywood more than the Church.  Those children are now adults.  Many of them don't know how to parent because all they know is what Hollywood tells them.  And that ends up raising snowflakes.

We in the Church are not immune.

Amen and amen.

I think a lot of this has happened due the instant access to anything anywhere through the internet.  When I was growing up, you pretty much had to actively invite Hollywood into your home, most people still didn't have cable and the networks were pretty family friendly (who can forget Saturday morning cartoons!). You could be a pretty good member, go to church participate in your local community and never (or very rarely) interact with Hollywood or the world's morals.

The internet has drastically changed all that. I think over the past 15-20 years parents in general were quite frankly asleep at the switch. They got internet, but either didn't understand the dangers of it or didn't care to teach their children about it. In 15 min. a child can get themselves into trouble sitting within the walls of a godly family, that just wasn't possible 30 years ago.

I think this lack of parenting awareness over the past 20 years has caused some major problems.  I am hopeful however, I think you will end up seeing more and more parents who will take steps to properly train their children with the internet that the previous generation.  I don't fault the previous generation, crud happens when the world shifts rapidly under your feet.

This is also a reason why I hate multi-culturism.  No, I don't want my children to be raised in the morals of culture that equates the beliefs of Muslims, aethests, etc. the same. I want my children to be raised in a Christian culture.

It only took 13 years for culture to rapidly shift from when the Supreme Court struck down Texas's anti-sodomy laws to sodomy being openly celebrated throughout the US.  That could not have happened without the internet.

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10 hours ago, yjacket said:

 Have you prayed to find out if God wants you to serve a mission?

And because of things I've heard and read, I will add: Don't ask if it is okay if you don't go, or if you can do good by staying home, or anything along those lines. Ask if staying home would be congruent with His will. Or ask if He wants you to serve a mission. Or ask for guidance to determine His plan for you.

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If you aren't going on a mission,  then why worry about dating? If you aren't ready for a mission,  you most certainly are not ready for marriage.    Not even in 2 or 3 years.   If you decide go ahead and date, just remember this: you will marry someone whom you date.  If you date nonmembers, you will wind up marrying a nonmember and there is no guarantee she will join the church.   

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4 hours ago, Eowyn said:

This may or may not apply, but I do feel compelled to say that getting a wife is NOT a solution to a porn problem. 

I think the question for this is to ask, why is one using porn? I use the term "using", b/c that's what it is-it's a way to medicate some underlying problem; just as much one uses alcohol or one uses drugs. If the underlying problem isn't solved then no matter what one does a porn problem will come back.

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Dear @hewasamormonboy,

If Heavenly Father clearly expresses the desire that you perform a certain action and you do not comply, you are making a very big mistake. How does Heavenly Father behave when we are not obedient? He afflcts us with trials to the point that we feel compelled to turn to Him and in addition, He is slow to hear our prayers. How do I know this? I became inactive.

Don't disappoint Heavenly Father. You are drawing a bullseye on your forehead. Sometimes the afflictions that Heavenly Father sends our way,  are the pain and suffering of those we love. If we will not humble ourselves before God, He will humble us. I would rethink the road that you are choosing.

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