What Happened to RooTheMormon??

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Hi guys its RooTheMormon.

I was just coming on to kinda seek advice and maybe just updare in a way?

You may have noticed I havent been very active lately. This is due to some issues I have been having with the site. Whenever I try to post to a topic, my browser will completely collaspe onto the home screen of my phone. But that doesnt happen when I am starting a topic. Confusing right?

I am able to post to a topic though if I hurry really fast before it closes, which is really frustrating, especially considering I usually have a lot to say! ;)

I have already contacted @pam so I can hopefully get things figured out and back on track.

Weird thing is it only recently started, the site never gave me any issues before.

Has anyone else had this struggle?

Anyways thats all.

Ps. @anatess2 It wouldnt let me reply to you on the garments post. Just fyi I am a female.

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I use my phone for the site sometimes.  I find it difficult to type on that small screen.  So, I avoid it if possible.  But I've never had that problem.  Is there something wrong with your phone?

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I access through both my phone and iPad. I haven't had the issues you described with this site, but I have had similar problems on Facebook. (Which I view through the web browser on my devices rather than the app.) Have you tried updating your browser or phone?

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