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I've already made a few comments on this forum so I guess I ought to introduce myself formally. I'm a life long member of the Church. I can't recall a time I did not have a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ, it just always seem to be there from my early years. In fact the time I did pray about the truthfulness of the BofM in my teens I got the response back "You already know its true" and I guess that is how it has always been for me with the Church in general. I served a mission stateside and have tried to be diligent in whatever callings have come my way. But lest you think translation is right around the corner for me I freely admit I have a LONG ways to go in getting where I need to be in this life. I enjoy studying/discussing the doctrines of the Church in depth and hope to find like minded people here as well.

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Guest MormonGator
Just now, zil said:

The reaction pop-out needs another option apparently.  <_<

You know I'm kidding. Nothing but the most love and respect for @zil

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