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Hello MH.

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Hello From Scotland, 

I've been LDS since 2014 however, I took three years out to iron the creases of the more troubling aspects of Church history. Having come through my research more emboldened than before I feel more comfortable and confident in my testimony. I even encountered the likes of ''Dr '' John Dehlin and Jeremy Runnells during my research and I wasn't all that impressed by their strawmen, shoddy use of logic and other such shenanigans. 

All being well, I'm looking to move to Salt Lake in the future, until then I'm looking forward to getting to know my church a lot more and share some ideas and thoughts along the way. 

Hope this finds everyone well. 

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9 minutes ago, zil said:

Welcome, @Prima Vista!  Glad you've come to join us.

@pam: we need a new feature / rule, namely that all posts by males from Scotland must be accompanied by a recording of them reading it.  (If they're too shy to read it themselves, I'll settle for Sean Connery. ;) )

Thanks for the welcome Zil. 

I think I'll spare the forum of my tones ha! :lol:

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9 hours ago, Sunday21 said:

Hi there @Prima Vista. So pleased that you are here! Wasn't Scotland recently voted world's most beautiful country? Or was that the women?! Glad to hear from you!

Thanks for the welcome S21, I have absolutely no idea. I know we regularly get voted for having the best water in the world. 

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