Tablet Recommendations for Gospel Library Usage

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With all the tablets, I am looking for tablets recommendations with some requirements.

1. Must be able to run the Gospel Library.

2. Easy to read scriptures and watch church videos for slightly blind.

3. Able to disable WIFI to prevent Internet usage by youth or has parental controls for internet viewing.

4. Common power cord charger(one I can buy at any store)

5. No cell service.

6. No Windows or Apple software.

I essentially would like a tablet recommendation that you would give to a Bishop or Stake President for the missionaries or Young Mens or Womens to use.  This is for family members and friends.

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Nice avatar, @ctr2961! :)

#1 Anything current should manage this.

#2 "slightly blind" means you probably want one that's rather large - like a 10"

#3 I can't help with - perhaps someone with kids - but I'd bet there are apps for this. ;)

#4 Any store that sells electronics should carry a compatible power cable for any of these devices - the key is to learn what the connector is called (e.g. USB-C or whatever)

#5 tablets don't generally come with cell service

#6 means it would have to be an Android tablet.  But there's pretty much no such thing as a tablet (Windows, Android, Apple iOS) that doesn't include unnecessary software installed (and locked so that it cannot be removed) by the vendor.  The best you can hope for is to get a good brand which doesn't put too much (especially ad-ware) on.

I've had good luck with Samsung tablets and phones.

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