Scheduling Choir

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On 1/11/2018 at 6:26 AM, Carborendum said:

Hey! Mrs. Tambourine woman, play a song for me... That doesn't sound right.

2 hours ago, seashmore said:

 :sing: Hey, Tambourine @pam, play a song for me! 


I thought it went "Play us a song, you're the tambourine woman."

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My advice would be to schedule it a little bit before church.
Doesn't have to be at the church building either, someone's house is fine.

Depending on how spread out geographically the ward is, leave some time for people to be able to go home and pick up the rest of their family and take them to church. Or if you do have it at the church building in an empty room (with a piano probably) then some people might just bring their family early.. just kinda depends.
Yes they may have to eat lunch earlier to make it to choir but... People will just have to deal with that reality.

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