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It's never too early for Christmas music!

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I made an arrangement of "Away in a Manger / Oh, Hush Thee, My Baby" and we recorded it yesterday. Two people from my ward provided vocal talents: Cathie Fisher and Olivia Arana. Olivia truly has the voice of an angel. Her part is later in the song, so be sure to listen to the entire thing. I think it would be really cool to do a video of this with Claire Crosby and her parents singing. They are expecting a new baby any day and they could probably get all 3 of their cute kids in the video. I don't know them, but somebody out there does. The version we recorded yesterday is here on Youtube. You can also find mp3 and PDF downloads on Music to me is a very powerful thing and should be used for good. I hope you enjoy the message of these songs in this arrangement. We sing about Easter (Christ's death and resurrection) every week. Surely we can sing about his birth (Christmas) more often.


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