2018 Winter Olympics


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Is there anything you're looking forward to?

I'm stoked about curling, but especially the newly added Mixed Doubles event. In addition to the traditional four-person men's and women's teams, USA (and about 7 other countries) have a team of one man, one woman. The structure is a little bit different, but those differences make it more exciting for the people who think shuffleboard and chess on ice is boring. I won't get to watch much, since it mostly airs on cable after late night, but I'll somehow survive.

Also, the brother-sister duo repping Team USA have spitfire personalities, which also makes the event more entertaining. (They'll be mic'd for televised games.) #HamFam 

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Look! President Hinckley carrying the Olympic Torch! Doesn’t he look pleased? Such a lovely man. ❤️ And look there is Pres Monson looking so happy for his friend and colleague. I am so amazed by the Pres & the quorum. They are such gentle and kind people.

The opening and closing ceremonies are always great. Everyone looks so happy to be a part of such a great event.


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On 2/24/2018 at 10:55 PM, seashmore said:

For the foreseeable future, they won't be called "Cinderella stories," they'll be called "Shuster stories." 

TLDR: it's a comeback story within a comeback story of Olympic proportions. 


I thought of you when they got that gold!  I thought you must be super tickled pink.

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3 hours ago, anatess2 said:

I thought of you when they got that gold!  I thought you must be super tickled pink.

Oh, I totally was! Still am, actually. It was such a good game, too! Super glad they replayed it on network tv that afternoon so more people could get a taste.

haha...my YW really loved seeing me get all fangirl about it in our lesson on Sunday, which was about treating our bodies as a temple. I used Shusters story (and curling) as a way to emphasize mind over matter and developing self mastery of our bodies.

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