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How do I tell the difference between the spirit and my emotions?

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 So I have a problem .  Im a new convert only a few months  struggle with telling the spirit  from my own emotions.  Sometimes I asked God question about the future,  about decisions I should make or about specific people  I feel like my own emotions, wants and desires take over me. I feel like I ge my get both yes and no.  Sometimes I feel like I’m convincing myself the answer is yes it’s my desire  or sometimes I feel like I get no as an answer because I think I don’t deserve it or for some other reason. My question is how do you feel the spirit and tell the difference between it in your own emotions






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@Juloe Hi! Welcome!

Many people love this talk from Elder Scott:

‘Two indicators that a feeling or prompting comes from God are that it produces peace in your heart and a quiet, warm feeling. As you follow the principles I have discussed, you will be prepared to recognize revelation at critical times in your own life’ .

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4 hours ago, Jane_Doe said:

It takes practice.  A lot.  Just like learning how to listen to anyone else, or knowing yourself.

I second this suggestion, though I would add some advise about how to practice. This advise also applies to discerning between the Spirit and your imagination.

Keep in mind, though, that while the Spirit will manifest itself at times in ways that are unmistakably different than emotions and imagination,  it is often manifest subtly, and this to engender attention and instill value. It is kind of like when an astute teacher attempts to quite down a noisy classroom by talking very softly, forcing the students to stop making distracting noises, pay closer attention, and listen more carefully. Also, when people have to struggle to discern, they are not only strengthened in their abilities to discern through the process, but they value more that which they have discerned to be from the Spirit.  That which comes easy may easily be taken for granted.

Here are the practice strategies:

1. Ask for the Spirit to help in the discernment.

2. Remember those times when the witness of the Spirit was unmistakable, and use that as a reference point.  

3. Determine if the prompting came during focused concentration or out of the blue.

4. Determine if the request for spiritual guidance is in regards to something you deeply desire one way or the other, or if it is something you are open to leaving to the Lord's will one way or another. From my experience, confusion over the Spirit vs. emotions/imagination is most at risk when our own will is intense.

5. Don't worry about making mistakes. If you aren't sure whether it is the Spirit or your emotions/imagination, if in your best estimate and good faith effort it "feels right," then act on it.

Thanks, -Wade Englund-

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