The Miracle of Life: Big hearts, little nose and tiny toes


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I am about to share a topic that is dear to me. One that has shaken me since my youth. It is of a very private and sacred nature but one that can be shared for the edifying of one another.

First, I would like to thank all loving mothers everywhere. Mothers who have successfully birthed a child, may your children grow in health and love for you. May your husbands stand by you with pride in their hearts, for the greatness of your office. May you feel a sense of accomplishment, as it is one of the greatest things you will ever do in this life. Mothers who have lost a child, I have not forgotten about you.

Now, I write this in the most heartfelt manner that I can.

For couples who have lost a child


Dear couples, I can only imagine the deep pain and hurt that you are going through. Since my youth I have been aware of the fact that life can be taken at any moment. Already being sobered by the loss of a parent and having survived a horrible experience with their replacement, I have been able to empathize with those who suffer the loss of a loved one.  I believe that life exists after death but even still, it doesn't take away from the value that someone has for us. How when someone goes, it leaves a void. It is up to us to fill it with pain OR the good memories we have of the individual. It is okay to sorrow but we can't let it consume us. This has happened to me and even though it has a positive ending, I know the Lord wants us to be happy.

I remember hearing about the trials of the Prophet Joseph Smith for the first time. How, despite working very hard for the building up of Zion, he lost six babies before they reached the age of accountability. I was very stunned by so many deaths. How hard it would have been to keep going. Smiling at everyone and saying that everything was going to be all right. That Zion would prosper. My heart opened and I felt the pain of a suffering parent. I felt the pain as if a box to an unknown chasm opened beneath my soul and was pulling my life from me. I felt the pain as if it was still present and I walked into its lingering cloud. My heart broke and I wept. I wept for my brother’s loss. I wept for his little ones. I could not be consoled and it weighed on my whole being. Then, the voice of the Lord came to me. He told me to be of good cheer, and that I would be blessed for my love for His servant Joseph. He was pleased that I would, of my own choosing, mourn for the loss of the pure. I would later go on to learn more as I have grown. These babies were taken away but they are redeemed through the blood of Christ. They are perfect and blameless before the Father. Satan and Death have no claim over them, nor over your little ones. Be of good cheer, the Lord is with you. He will send his angels to surround you and comfort you THROUGHOUT your life. Pure love never dies and as a parent that is what you have for your posterity. It is the love our Heavenly Father has for us.

Blessings untold, how your children are just what the doctor ordered


Being a father of all daughters, I have somewhat considered myself to possibly be in trouble. Perhaps I had offended someone along the way or maybe I could have been a better suitor during my single years but here they are. They teach me something practically every day, whether it is patience for them breaking their mother’s expensive television (I purchased the day before), faith to pray as I held one of mine limp in my arms and dying; waiting for responders to come or learning the importance of family bonds. My oldest daughter is a warrior. She has taught me to be unashamedly full of love

My oldest was/is very active. Even in the womb. I remember seeing her in an ultra sound. She was moving SO fast. The nurse was surprised and I almost became worried. It appeared as if she was doing flips, like she was exercising. I had never nor have I again seen a baby so young doing such a thing. She grew and it became apparent she had/has a spirit of fire. Very headstrong and open with her thoughts. Just like her Grandmother who gave up law school to have my siblings and me.

Now, as I have traveled for work and having the world take its toll on me, I became very vexed with how my life was turning out to be. Always working, always cleaning, this and that, feelings of doom and gloom that come after you have exhausted your soul. Sensing that something was wrong, my oldest slipped me a note that said “Daddy I love You”. I thought it is was sweet and put it aside. The next day it happened again, then the next and another. I finally told her thank you and asked her to stop wasting my paper. She said “okay Daddy”. The next day she gave me a Daddy I love you card, it was made out of her prized colored construction paper she got from her mother. The next day I got another and another until her paper was all gone. With her paper all out she came and timidly asked me for more. I said yes and she grabbed some. For a WHOLE month my daughter gave me a daily Daddy I love you card. One night feeling overwhelmed, by her love for me, I pulled out a piece of paper and drew her a heart wearing a crown and wrote “I love You too”. I folded it and put it at the foot of her bed so she would find it when she woke up. The next day, with the biggest smile and dimples deeper than The Grand Canyon, she gave me a hug and sunk into my chest. The cards stopped but she drew many pictures with that heart wearing a crown thereafter. She says I am a celestial king.

Dear Parents or Couples thinking about or wanting children, you are Celestial Kings and Queens. You will gain more than you will ever lose volunteering for the duties of parenthood. The Lord will bless you and hold you up. Especially those with children that struggle with mortality, your good example will stick with them and at some point, they will acknowledge your goodness.


Lots of Love and hope for the future

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