My friend screamed at by primary president


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where can I find info for a friend whose a rightfully concerned parent with primary presidency who has neglected her child on 9 out of 9 times when left alone. I witnessed that woman tell my friend to take your kids and don’t return. I don’t care if they don’t have the gospel in their lives! What a shame to hear these words.I was sitting in the chapel and could see and hear this primary president shouting at her and each time my friend tried to speak primary pres just spoke over her. this after she tried to introduce herself to the new couple teaching her children. As we overheard the teacher already got a negative earful about my friend who is just doing her calling whom God ordained her to do as a mom sitting in on a new teacher that previously allowed her young child to get hurt only her toddlers are seen wondering the hall with no adult supervision and the wards are not the same safe as they use to be when we grew up. So we can’t be too safe and I am saddened by this and want...
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Welcome, @Frmm!  I suspect there's lots of information we don't have and therefore we can't judge the situation.  It sounds to me like perhaps your friend needs to counsel with her bishop.  It sounds like the Primary President needs help of some sort - anger is often a consequence of being pushed past our limits.

For your part, try to diffuse the situation rather than feed any anger or frustration.  Patience, forgiveness, and charity will lead to the best possible outcome.

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Sounds like the problem is something for the adults to sort out.  Really, all you can do is make sure the kids know someone at church loves and cares for them.

From the pages of my life: one Sunday during that transitory age between the Primary and Youth programs, I was told by an adult that I was not allowed/supposed to be in Primary.  I think they may have been practicing for the program or something.  It was very confusing for me since there was someone four months older than me who was there, but I had only been attending church every other week, so maybe they hadn't thought to include me.  My twelve year old heart was very hurt.  Never one to roam the halls, I went up the stairs to sit and wait outside the Young Women's room until it was time for that to start.  Brother T came up the stairs just after the tears had started to fall and invited me to his class, which happened to be the younger youth Sunday School and was in the YW room.  I don't know what lesson he had prepared, but I know what lesson he taught me that day.  It is a kindness that I will not soon forget.


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