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Hello, I went to go buy new garments today and found that they don’t sell the men’s extra support garment bottoms that are the 79%polyester/21%spandex. As my wife was looking she saw that women’s have a garment that a 91%polyester/9%spandex called the Carinessa fabric. I haven’t been able to contact the store support but I have heard of women wearing men’s garment bottoms and was wondering if it would be acceptable if a man can wear women’s bottoms? It helps with my adhd and my anxiety with wearing fitted/tighter garments under my clothes. I’m going to try to contact the the lds store about custom men’s garments in the carinessa fabric if I can’t get the extra support ones I want. 

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Yeah. I don't really notice a big difference between men's garments and women's garments. If the lack of a trap door isn't a deal-breaker, I don't see why you couldn't wear them.


It's not like you're wearing them because they're women's clothing because - Spoiler alert: Garments are ridiculously unsexy. If you feel you have to wear them, wear them.


I've been a member for 15 years, now, and it wasn't until about 5 years ago that someone told me that I didn't have to fast for breakfast/lunch and that it was just as acceptable to fast dinner/breakfast. 10 years, I was part of the church before someone gave me an option that didn't leave me sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon, desperate to eat something and getting steadily grumpier with nothing to do.


Sometimes, obvious things aren't so obvious until someone tells it to you - I really wasn't getting anything out of Fasting for over a decade. Now, I really look forward to it and all it meant was I had to take the huge sacrifice of having some quiet time by myself while the family ate Saturday dinner, relaxing and maybe reading, and then devouring stuff when I came home.

Now I get to cook sunday dinner while the other people in my house avoid the smells of cooking and I get to snack and eat all through the process. Hooray!

Long story short: Ask your bishop. I imagine he'll say yes when he hears the reason. It ain't a titillation thing and I would be shocked if wearing garments for any sex was considered titillating.

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Guest LiterateParakeet
7 hours ago, slippy said:

Hello, I went to go buy new garments today and found that they don’t sell the men’s extra support garment bottoms that are the 79%polyester/21%spandex. 

I think you should call them and ask them about it.  They have a new fabric for women (not yet available for men, but hopefully coming . . .) that is spandex and cotton.  It is to die for.  Not only that, but the tags are printed on the material, which I imagine is helpful to people that are sensitive to tags and such.    You might ask if this is coming for men, or if it is okay to use women's (I don't know and don't have an opinion on that) then try these out!  They are amazing!

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