I miss my book collection


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When me and my husband moved to another country, I had to decide if I carry my books with me or if I give them away. I gave them away :(

My husband bought me a kindle which is very practical, easy to carry, I can switch through different books even if I'm on vacation etc.. But I miss that feeling of having and taking care of a library. Maybe there's a little vanity involved but I don't know. I sometimes think about starting to buy real books again.

Anybody else feel the same?

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Welcome, @snow_white!

There is nothing like a physical book - far better than the electronic, especially when the goal is to read for pleasure.

If you didn't know, Amazon have a feature where you can get some electronic books for free or cheaper than usual if you bought the physical book through Amazon.  If you can't find details on their site, I can look up the link later today when I get home.  Not as good as paper, but nice to not have to re-purchase books you already own(ed).

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