Should L.D.S. support rebuilding of Jerusalem Third Temple?

Do you support the rebuilding of the Jerusalem Third Temple?  

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  1. 1. Do you support the rebuilding of the Jerusalem Third Temple by Jews... and for Jews?

    • Yes..... every word in Ezekiel chapters 40 - 48 must come to pass.
    • No..... this could cause a war in the Middle East.... and each human life is a temple potentially for the Holy Spirit.
    • Yes
    • No
    • I am not certain.... but I am going to research this question further.

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Here is my reply to Rabbi Hollander's e-mail to me:


Rabbi Hollander, Catholic prophecies from 8th century say all world to go Jewish!
On Sat, May 22, 2010 at 12:46 AM, Dennis Tate <[email protected]> wrote:
Shalom Rabby Hollander:
I deeply appreciate your reply to my e-mail Sir.  
Back in the early '80's I was made aware that Catholic prophecy from well over
one thousand years ago stated emphatically that essentially the whole world was going to
become observant of the laws of Moshe.  A friend of mine attended Ambassador 
College in the '70's.  He said that there was an original set of the Catholic 
Encyclopaedia from the eighth century on the campus.  A friend of his knew Latin and
translated an article on The Antichrist. He was both shocked as well as encouraged
by the ideas expressed.
This article stated that in the latter days Christ would come to the earth first, and
things would be going great, then the Anti-Christ would come to the earth and cast
Christ into hell.  Soon the veneration of Mary would cease from the earth and
essentially everybody would begin to observe the Jewish Sabbaths, Holy Days
and eat kosher.
I am sure that you are well aware of these prophecies and how they fueled anti-Semitic
sentiment throughout the dark ages.  
Finally we are living in a time period when these ideas can be viewed in a whole 
new light.  The Christ who comes first could be understood to perhaps refer to
the final Elijah who is predicted to even be instrumental in the restoration of the
lost tribes of Israel.  The Christ who comes first could refer to Mashiach ben
Yosef/Joseph or even to the King Cyrus type predicted in Isaiah 42 - 46.  Considering that
the King Cyrus type does not himself know HaShem in a manner in which he
can be dogmatic, it is easy to understand why he would get along quite well
with the heirachy of the Roman Catholic Church.  
//I [am] the LORD, and [there is] none else, [there is] no God beside me: I 
girded thee, though thou hast not known me:// (Isaiah 45:5) 
Since 1990 I have studied the near death experience continually.  It was interesting
that in 1975 Dannion Brinkley whose NDE was even made into a TV movie was shown
that Israel and Jordan would become one nation!?
He was shown that an attempt to unfiy Judaism, Christianity and Islam would be made
around 2000, but thankfully a lot of people were praying and events were altered.
//“Many of my visions concerned the Middle East:

…A part of the vision that is yet to take place involves a merger of the three main religions – Islam, Judaism and Christianity – in Israel. The visions revealed that the Catholic Church would successfully establish a Vatican “state-within-the-state” of Israel before the year 2000. Although the intent of this effort would be a peaceful one, this move would infuriate many Middle Easterners and would lead to war.”

Obviously, this did not happen before 2000 and now I know why. But let’s take a quick look at history before I tell you the rest of the story...// (Dannion Brinkley)
One of the greatest ideological divisions between Christians, Jews and Moslems
is how we regard the parentage of Rabbi Yahushua/Jesus.  I have an alternative
theory on this subject that could make greater understanding between all of us possible.  My theory hinges on the relatively new idea that the four forces of
electromagnetism, gravity, weak and strong nuclear force can be unified in eleven 
dimensions of space-time.
The Oneness of HaShem is important.  My theory is that HaShem is composed of 
ABSOLUTELY fundamental energy.  I suspect that the Ruach ha Kodesh/ The Holy 
Spirit could be like HaShem the Mother who He may have taken out of his own'
side much as a rib was taken out of Adam.  The Holy Spirit could be like Wisdom
who was with H-m from the beginning, but she could exist in tenth, ninth, eighth, etc.,
space time, but not in absolutely fundamental energy as HaShem, the Father 
The Spirit of Mashiach, stored in Gan Eden, from the foundation of the world,
could be identifiable with The Logos or the Word, who has acted as an
intermediary between mankind and HaShem.  The Spirit of Mashiach/Word could
exist in either tenth or ninth dimensional space time thus backing up the
Oneness of G-d.  
//And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.// (Luke 1:35)
If The Ruach ha Kodesh, the Holy Spirit is indeed in the form of a woman we can
rest assured that she is a phenomenal physician.  She would have no difficulty in
taking a sperm sample from Isaiah, freezing or otherwise preserving it for seven
centuries or so, and using it to impregnate Mary/Myriam the wife of Joseph.
It is impossible for a truly objective Christian theologian to rule out this 
possibility.  This theory could be a major step paving the way for a vastly
greater level of understanding between Jews, Christians and Moslems.  If we
Christians can get our heads around that there is no logical or scriptural 
basis for dogmatically asserting that Yahushua/Jesus was directly begotten by
HaShem himself, then the entire world has been changed.
There are verses in Isaiah chapters 7 and 8 that cause me to believe that Yahushua/Jesus
may have been produced by a donation of spermatazoa from Isaiah that he probably
knew nothing about donating.
// Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel. 
Butter and honey shall he eat, that he may know to refuse the evil, and choose the good.
For before the child shall know to refuse the evil, and choose the good, the land that thou abhorrest shall be forsaken of both her kings.// (Isaiah 7:14-16)
//And I went unto the prophetess; and she conceived, and bare a son. Then said the LORD to me, Call his name Mahershalalhashbaz.// (Isaiah 8:3)
Rabby Hollander, during the decade of the '90's as I prayed and prayed and went
through my disillussionment with the basic teachings of Christianity I prayed and
asked HaShem to take me and give me the throne of the Anti-Christ if this
would be possible.  At that time I did not know who Oskar Schindler was but 
I could grasp the basic idea that if somebody with good intentions is placed in a 
position of influence then a tremendous number of lives can be saved and improved.
I wasn't sure what I had gotten myself into by asking that the guilt of Azazel be
placed on my head but I figured that as long as HaShem would continue to guide me
I could alter the future for the better if I ended up in that seat, rather than somebody
who thought like Antiochus or Hitler.
Dannion Brinkley referred to this principle of us being able to transform the world.
 //In other words, the world is going crazy, with wars and rumors of war abounding! I know this all sounds very scary and completely out of our control. And to a certain extent it is. But the Beings of Light told me, more than once, that the future is not written in stone. We can change things. In fact, we must! .....// (Dannion Brinkley)
Rabby Hollander, I asked that when Rabbi Yahushua/Jesus come to stand on the
Mt. of Olives and cast the beast and the false prophet into hell, that he pick me up
and cast me in there, but at least I would be going there as a volunteer with the goal
in mind of improving matters for the unsaved dead.
To my thinking the ultimate ethical act is to save lives.  Improving lives would be 
ethical act number two.  
I think that you will be rather astonished by the theories that
the Knights Templar may have taken treasures from the Jerusalem Temple to 
Nova Scotia as early as the thirteenth century.  There is a professor at St. F. X. who
did the background historical comments for the movie, First Knight, starring
Sean Connery, Richard Gere and Julia Ormond who has been digging into
these traditions.  
I hope that these ideas are of encouragement and inspiration to you Sir.
Dennis Tate

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Rabbi Hollander replied:


Re: Rabbi Hollander, Catholic prophecies from 8th century say all world to go Jewish!


Dear Mr. Tate, 

We Jews are well aware of the many possibilities of [mis-]understanding prophecies. There are often more than one correct way, and usually many incorrect ones [perhaps as many as those who try to understand them!].
 The idea of unifying religions is, I think, not at all a clear idea to anyone. What is a religion? Does the definition include the liturgy? 
People who have lived by a religion have certain cultural characteristics which are different than those of people of another religion. 
Beside, there ARE issues of "DOGMA", or particular beliefs. 
In Judaism, there is very little we expect of people of other religions. There are the Seven Noahide Commandments [prohibitions of idolatry, cursing God, certain sexual relations, murder, theft, eating the limb of a live animal, and setting up courts of Justice], and some additional instructions and the prohibition derived [for instance, procreation and the prohibition of castration]. Judaism is in this sense very liberal [towards non-Jews]. There is a ongoing debate in Jewish legal circles about Trinitarianism, whether it is a form of idolatry or not. We do not deny the possibility of prophets in other nations [Balaam]. To our belief they are not sent to the Jews, but to other nations. We have no dogma about Yeshua or Muhammad, and they could have been prophets or not, wise men or not; this is not our business. 
In Islam ,Yeshua is recognized as a very important prophet, and the NT is a holy book. The will not make them Christians. If Christians accept Muhammad as a prophet and the Koran as holy, and drop trinitarianism, they could become Muslims. So the issue of "unification" of the theology of Islam and Christianity is a possibility under those circumstances. 
After all the evils done to the Jewish people by Christians, it is most unlikely that Jews will ever be willing to see Yeshua as anything but a threat, a call for a pogrom. We have a rather complex culture without thinking about him and the acts attributed to him. We cannot believe in any dead person as a savior or a messiah. 
we can cooperate. 
I have had a discussion with an important Mufti in a Muslim country about setting up a interreligious "court of arbitration".  I hope to pursue this idea in the near future. 
God Bless You,
Rabbi Yeshayahu Hollander
May 22, 2010 at 4:43 PM

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So why am I posting all of this here?

Of all the discussions that I have going on your forum this seemed like the most appropriate one to add this and more details about the circumstances are added over in this other discussion that I've been replying to:



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Basically I am posting all of this here because I do feel that the world economy is facing what sure looks like a formula for a Bear Market,

another 1929 but.... I believe that the PESSIMISM that could destroy the world economy could be turned to OPTIMISM IF......

Latter day Saints and Israelis were to take several steps toward cooperation with each other on several important problems.

One of those problems is the possibility as explained by CIA economist Jim Rickards about a possible one hundred TRILLION dollar

devaluation of the world's Derivatives Markets.....


P. M. Netanyahu, President Trump has a 4.3 trillion dollar problem....


and you Sir.... have the technology that I believe is the answer to his dilemma with all those Petro - dollars that are out there in the hands of companies, individuals and nations that are not exactly friendly with the USA.

Yesterday, I found confirmation for the number of 4.3 trillion that I gave to M. P. Bill Casey on February 4, 2018:

In my opinion..... Jim Rickards is a genius.... and it is amazing that he knew about this way back in 2014!


P. M. Netanyahu..... your Sorek technology lays the stage for the answer to how to divert all those USA Petro- dollars in a manner that can be win - win - win - win - win - win for 99.9% of humanity, (theoretically mega- rich arms dealers who are selling non- USA made munitions might eventually lose revenue over the long term)?!

M. P. Bill Casey... President Trump has a 4.3 trillion dollar problem....


DennisTate said: 
One trillion dollars US would build 2000 plants of this size.....
and once they were running at full capacity could desalinate
627,000 x 2000 = 1,254,000,000 cubic meters of ocean water daily!
DennisTate said: 

This actually could turn out to be A LOT LESS expensive than building
dams and levees and massive pumping stations in cities and towns that
are vulnerable to rising ocean levels.

Megascale Desalination

The world’s largest and cheapest reverse-osmosis desalination plant is up and running in Israel.
Availability: now

    • [*]On a Mediterranean beach 10 miles south of Tel Aviv, Israel, a vast new industrial facility hums around the clock. It is the world’s largest modern seawater desalination plant, providing 20 percent of the water consumed by the country’s households. Built for the Israeli government by Israel Desalination Enterprises, or IDE Technologies, at a cost of around $500 million, it uses a conventional desalination technology called reverse osmosis (RO). Thanks to a series of engineering and materials advances, however, it produces clean water from the sea cheaply and at a scale never before achieved.
The new plant in Israel, called Sorek, was finished in late 2013 but is just now ramping up to its full capacity; it will produce 627,000 cubic meters of water daily, providing evidence that such large desalination facilities are practical. Indeed, desalinated seawater is now a mainstay of the Israeli water supply. Whereas in 2004 the country relied entirely on groundwater and rain, it now has four seawater desalination plants running; Sorek is the largest. Those plants account for 40 percent of Israel’s water supply. By 2016, when additional plants will be running, some 50 percent of the country’s water is expected to come from desalination.

Honorable Minister Mr. Bill Casey:

Can you think of any better way to divert one trillion of those 4.3 trillion USA Petro-dollars that could potentially be used to attack the USA economy?

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My apologies if this seems to be a little off topic but over a number of replies I will, (G-d willing) be able to bring this around to relate very directly to the question of the Jerusalem Third Temple on the Temple Mount but......... we need to begin with a proposal related to the proposed Ezekiel Temple Complex and the possibility of moving the remains of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov from Uman, Ukraine to somewhere within the area of the proposed Ezekiel Temple Complex.

"Auditions for the role of Elijah needed...."


Around 1:44 am this morning I got a Facetime call from a very good friend living in Israel who has convinced me that the Ruach ha Kodesh - The Holy Spirit will be poured out if and when the moving of the remains of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov from Uman, Ukraine to somewhere in Israel is arranged and finally carried out.

I prayed about this and gave this a lot of thought over these past few hours and frankly I've been thinking about this for several years so I have in mind a proposal to put in front of my friend for him to translate into Hebrew and e-mail out to as many as he can of the roughly one thousand Israeli followers of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov. Obviously this e-mail should also go to many fans of Rabbi Nachman who happen to be living in Canada, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.  

"How to get the remains of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov moved from Uman, Ukraine to somewhere in Israel"

©by Dennis Patrick Tate2019

For the record once my Breslovian Chassidic Israeli friend gets replies from the Israeli Breslovian Chassicic community the cost for all that I can do for them to assist them to make this happen will be one Canadian dollar and / or one Israeli shekel which I should be able to come up with to donate myself. By doing this in this way I am attempting to fit the basic profile of another person with a Cyrus calling, destiny, gifting and mantle on their life.

"I have raised him up in righteousness, and I will make straight all his ways: he shall build my city, and he shall let my exiles go free, not for price nor reward, saith Jehovah of hosts." (Isaiah 45:13) (An interesting note is that by one reckoning Ephrayim would be the thirteenth tribe of Israel but in other places he is termed the eldest son of Jacob / Yacob).

Where in Israel should the remains of Rabbi Nachman be moved to?

My suggestion is somewhere within the area of a proposed Ezekiel Temple complex as put forward by this poster on this forum:

Ezekiel's Temple: why are we still not building?
(He goes by the name "ProtectionET" on that forum).

Over here on political forum he responded to this discussion that I began where I quote his website a lot:

Could there be two Jerusalem Third Temples?

The man who can make all of this come together is Mr. Mitt Romney and I think that the best angle to take on this is that perhaps in the sight of HaShem the G-d of Abraham he may have actually been elected President of the USA in 2012 but maybe..... just maybe... George Soros voter machines prevented the fulfillment of the White Horse President prediction that has been a part of Latter day Saint tradition for nearly a century.

I will now copy and paste this opening gambit to an official Latter day Saint discussion forum.
"Know! You need to judge every person favorably, even someone who is completely wicked, you need to search and find any little bit of good. By finding in him a little good and judging him favorably you actually bring him over to the side of merit and you can return him in teshuva" (Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, LM 282)

Matthew 5:44
"But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;"

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As you all know your Latter day Saint Relief organization is one of the largest women's charities in the world.

There are roughly one thousand Breslovian Chassidic Jews living in Israel alone and the numbers in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand could be surprising.

Obviously these Breslovian Chassidic Jews have daughters, grand daughters, sisters, mothers and female family members and female friends who share much of their respect for Rabbi Nachman of Breslov and could at least partly agree that moving the remains of Rabbi Nachman from the Uman in the Ukraine to somewhere in Israel is a very interesting idea that Breslovian Chassidic women might love to have a serious discussion about with Latter day Saint women who represent your Relief organization?

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This is on facebook... .but time is of the essence.... so I figure I should make sure that some of you are praying about this..... because this could finance at least one if not two Jerusalem Temples through a reality / semi-reality science fiction film project that begins in Dalton Georgia but expands to the capitol city of Utah..... .then to the province of Alberta, Canada.... and then on to the nation Israel????  An alternative universe of 2012 to 2020 seems like the most logical foundation...... as you can guess... I am thinking in terms of a possible different result in something that happened in November of 2012????

I plead guilty...... I have a strange sense of humour...... and I think that Messiah Yeshua - Jesus has the most off the scale brilliant sense of humour in the universe / multiverse after the Ancient of Days the Father and the Holy Spirit / The Comforter...... (who he stated we were better off with than even if he was with us in person)?????
I am thinking of a Roadhouse / Reality film project for Dalton Georgia to raise funds for Johnny and Jerry????
(Johnny and Jerry by the way are the two pastors who have a Bible that produces gallons and gallons of oil)
"Yes...... in my sixty years I can list my own stupidities.... followed by worse stupidities...... which led me to even greater levels of stupidities.......... but the whole thing turned out really really really good and the first few posts in this other discussion indicates how good things have gotten over these last two years.
It is kind of a joke in our house but when my wife asks me why I did something....... (in a particular tone of voice)......... I immediately answer that I did it because of Stupidity....... and she laughs because she knows that technically that is the correct answer."
"Paul's thorn in the flesh?"
Edited by DennisTate

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Grant Jeffrey:  "Some Christian commentators have suggested that the Antichrist will lead the project to rebuild the Temple.  However, the evidence from Scripture causes me to take quite a different view.  While numerous prophecies describe the Antichrist defiling the Temple, John refers to the sanctuary as the Temple of God.  "And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God, and the altar, and them that worship therein" (Revelation 11:1).  In addition, when the apostle Paul wrote about the Antichrist being revealed, he referred to evil acts that would be carried out in "the temple of God" (see 2 Thessalonians 2:4).  These passages strongly suggest that the Jews in genuine worship of God will build the Third Temple and that the Antichrist will later defile it during the Tribulation.  Fortunately, the Word of God reveals that when the Messiah comes, "then shall the sanctuary be cleansed" (Daniel 8:14).

One of the greatest of the early church writers, Irenaeus, taught that the new Temple would be a genuine Temple built by the religious Jews.  Citing 2 Thessalonians 2:4, he stated that "the Apostle himself, speaking in his own person, distinctly called it the temple of God."

Further, in his book Against Heresies, Irenaeus affirmed his understanding of the Scriptures' prophecies about animal sacrifices being reinstated in a future Temple.  He cited Daniel's words in Daniel 9:27, stating, "the sacrifice and the libation shall be taken away, and the abomination of desolation (shall) be brought in the Temple: even unto the consummation of the time shall the desolation be complete."  Again, for these prophetic events to occur, the Third Temple must be rebuilt by the Jews as a legitimate Temple of God"  (Grant R. Jeffrey, The New Temple and the Second Coming, pages 19, 20) 




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OK.... I just sent off the following message to several people who hopefully will be able to do something significant with this but my theory is since.......  CIA economist Mr. Jim Rickards stated that there were seven hundred and ten trillion dollars in the world's Derivatives Markets....... and since....... he expressed fear of a one hundred trillion dollar devaluation in those markets....... and since.......... perhaps....... somebody else won the election in 2012 in the sight of G-d........ and since........... that other person and his wife are in a unique position to play the roles of "The White Horse President and First Lady" in a proposed semi-reality science fiction film series set in an alternative universe........... example of applied Multiverse Theory, (applied by G-d)......... then........... since...... ten trillion is ten percent of one hundred trillion..................................................... we are faced with a question for a certain senator........... if you and your wife each got an extra five trillion each   ...................... would either one of you be willing to build the Jewish people a Jerusalem Third Temple....... and / or an Ezekiel forty to forty eight temple complex somewhat outside of Jerusalem.......... and / or .......  attempt to assist the Breslovian Chassidic Jewish community to move the remains of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov to somewhere in Israel??????????


And...... could this be the beginning of something of a Great Wealth Transfer as I think a Pastor Rick Joyner could elaborate on...... because back in 2012 he was one of the only pastors to catch onto the potential implications of the White Horse President prediction...... Please note...... there is roughly a one year overlap in the presidency which means that this message is getting into good hands........... during the last year of the one year overlap..... by that I mean that President Donald Trump assumed office in January of 2017..... even though he won the election in November of 2016........ This is actually very, very, very, very important....... (I think)????


Ah yes.... now I remember who I had sent this to a while ago and then got interrupted before I could finish this post.... I sent this off to Dr. Kevin Zadai who in my opinion could be put up against all four hundred or so of President Trump's Christian advisors........ and I think that Zadai could pretty much mop the floor with all four hundred of them if challenged to come up with a solution to pretty much any specific Modern World Problem on this third rock.................... One interesting problem that I've written some on would be how to stop the rockets from landing on the city of Sderot..... (which is a somewhat different problem that stopping them from even being shot up into the air).......
My ramblings on this can be found at the title:


"How can we stop the rockets from landing on Sderot, Israel?"


...... Back to the message that I sent off to Dr. Zadai:



Back in 1990 when I found out that I was terribly in error on the Soul Sleep doctrine I went through a serious Theological crisis and I made an offer to the Ancient of Days the Father based on Leviticus 16:10.  
"but the goat on which the lot fell for Aza'zel shall be presented alive before the LORD
to make atonement over it, that it may be sent away into the wilderness
to Aza'zel." (Leviticus 16:10)

I am a former member of the Worldwide Church of God founded by Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong.  My dad passed on January 1, 1990 and I had done nothing to assist him to accept Messiah Yeshua - Jesus as his Savior partly because I had been taught to be non-Prostylitizing.  He was only sixty eight, dad was a mess and did not even make it to seventy but unlike your dad he only spanked me once when I threw a rock at his head when I was four years of age!

So I prayed and asked Messiah Yeshua - Jesus if he had any use for a volunteer metaphorical "goat for Azazel" and if so I was submitting my application for the job.  As you can guess lots of strange things happened and I ended up with a legion of devils around me..... but not in me.... and after I wrote to Maria Jose Intriago de Andrade on August 8, 2000 she was somehow shown to fast and pray for me for thirty five days, and she did it.  For four weeks for three days per week only fruit juice and for the fifth week seven days in a row only fruit juice and Messiah Yeshua would wake her up early and get her to pray for me.  (My wife is not a morning person incidentally).

I went through a deliverance as Maria Jose prayed for me from three thousand miles south of me and I shortly bought a plane ticket to Quito, Ecuador.  

I am not personally scared of getting a million or a billion or a trillion or a hundred trillion dollars into debt, or even seven hundred and ten trillion dollars into debt which is the valuation of the worldwide Derivatives market as of 2014 according to CIA economist Mr. Jim Rickards.

In 2015 I got a prophecy that I had a "Mantle of Cyrus" and I was wondering what that meant???  In 2012 I read that Mitt Romney had a "Mantle of Darius" and I have a plan to assist President Trump, who reminds me of the Danite Judge Samson, who could have set up something like King David did two centuries later if all three thousand Jewish soldiers had not ran away and left him in the hands of the Philistines.

The guy who is too crazy or stupid or both to not fear having the debt / guilt of Azazel put on his head is not scared of getting myself theoretically into infinite debt in order to alter the world economy and initiate the Great Wealth Transfer that Evangelist Benny Hinn and others have predicted.  

You Sir... Dr. Kevin Zadai.... are more of a Solomon / Daniel than I have ever seen in the Pentecostal - Charismatic movement so.....  if the Holy Spirit tells you to do this I am willing to get myself into any amount of debt, (and ninety eight percent of the money supply of Canada is created as debt that creates compound interest owing, but we had a much better system from 1938 to 1973).  Anyway... if you will google  "My challenge to Miracle Channel..... and Lethbridge, Alberta" you will know basically what I have in mind.  I am DennisTate on that forum, (politicalforum   .com).

I want you Sir... to handle distributing any amount of debt that you can help me to get into I assume with Breslovian Chassicid Jews, Latter day Saints, your students and whoever you think may be interested in a proposed 2012 to 2020 semi-reality science fiction film series starring Mitt Romney and his wife as themselves, because the White Horse President prophecy has astonishing artistic value that could be used to save million if not even billions of lives.

Shabbat Shalom.

Dennis Tate

Edited by DennisTate
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Pastor /////.... //////... Sandra...; in a way I wish to audition for a role elaborated on by Mr. Eporu Ronald Alfred.

Scroll down to post #6 here....... to see his writing on a modern political Cyrus.....


This is a prediction that I got back in 2015 and if you know any Latter day Saints with a prophetic gift it would be awesome to get some theories on how perhaps a janitor from the back woods of Nova Scotia, Canada could possibly end up with some sort of a "Mantle of Cyrus" ......???????

"War Declarations"
by Sandra K. Johnston PhD, LP

Sandra Johnston:

"U don't need to audition Dennis. U have the mantle of Cyrus and Canada is a type of new Jerusalem!"
.....Sandra... is also willing to play out this role...... and she has many advantages over me.... One of them being that she is a published author and has her Ph. D.
Sandra Johnston:

"God has given u a great heart for the Jewish people.
They will run to u for safety."
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Is some sort of Great Wealth Transfer from the wicked to the righteous also a part of Latter day Saint predictions for the latter days?

My wife is Pentecostal and I have heard of it several times from some of her favourite speakers.  (Oh my.... but can you imagine how many Christian Scribes and Pharisees who teach that you Latter day Saints aren't even Christians will have a fit if Messiah Yeshua - Jesus starts tossing you billions and trillions partly due to the fact that you are arguably the most pro-Jewish and pro- Israel and pro-Being of Light of NDE fame who reviews lives with people who have a brush with death.......  denomination that I know of)?!

Edited by DennisTate
add a joke.....

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On 9/7/2018 at 11:43 PM, Just_A_Guy said:

My understanding is that the mainline LDS position is that the LDS Church will be the ones spearheading the reconstruction of the temple foreseen by Ezekiel.  But seeing as how the Church appears to have no immediate plans to bring that to pass, I say the Jews are welcome to try it if they can.  If it brings about political instability leading to the end times — so much the better, as far as I’m concerned (I’m feeling a bit misanthropic at the moment, so apologies if I sound a bit flippant).

I am thinking that the numbers given in the first twenty five minutes of this video by CIA economist Mr. Jim Rickards back in 2014 might just get some people thinking outside of the usual box?



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On 9/7/2018 at 11:43 PM, Just_A_Guy said:

My understanding is that the mainline LDS position is that the LDS Church will be the ones spearheading the reconstruction of the temple foreseen by Ezekiel.  But seeing as how the Church appears to have no immediate plans to bring that to pass, I say the Jews are welcome to try it if they can.  If it brings about political instability leading to the end times — so much the better, as far as I’m concerned (I’m feeling a bit misanthropic at the moment, so apologies if I sound a bit flippant).

All of this brings us to a possible alternative to the Day After Plan referred to by CIA economist Jim Rickards in that video.



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