I'm so in love with a missionary, help please!


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Hello everyone, i decided to join this forum because i feel like i definetely need to talk about this with someone. 

First of all, please do not judge me. I'm here in order to seek help and advice.

I'm 21, i'm latina. one  day two months ago i was walking in the streets of my neighborhood and there were two missionarys, my life right now is so negativa, i dont have a job, I'm not studying, my parents are separated, i feel lonely without not motivation. So i decided to awkardly say hi...  they looked very kind.  I told them i wanted to know more about the church and stuff and... There was this american Elder...the first thing i tought was, he looked so handsome and nice. They invited to the church one coming Sunday. I accepted. To be honest i couldnt think about nothing but him since that day. When i came to the church i felt so good... People were so welcome with me. Some of them were surpissed in a good plan that i decided to go to the church by my own with any member of my family. To continúe, the elders invited me to come to familys home in order to teach me more about the gospel. I have to say that i have been feeling so happy being with positive people around... It feels like I'm part of a family... But at the same time, my feelings for this guy were increasing more and more so that, i would get so so nervous everytime i see/talk to him. I got baptized by him, it was beautiful. Now, in the last meeting we had with a family, i couldnt help myself feeling a very strong atraction to him that even distracted me a lot in order to listen to the gospel. Its somehow noticiable that i feel somethimg for him .. And thats so embarrasing! When it was time to say goodbye, we all always say goodbye with a handshake, so i took the chance in that two seconds of  brush my hand against his hand slowly... And it felt like he also was preparing to do the same. I dont know how to explain. I love when he is the only one who rings my phone in order to schdule a meeting to listen to the gospel... The other Elder barely calles me.  He will leave the ward in 6 weeks! I need to find some say to ask for any contact. I want to hug him i feel like i really enjoy be with him... I just cant help myself with this. I'm totally aware they are not allowed to be in a realtionship. I feel so in love right now.. The only thing i want to know is if he kinda feel the same for me...I want this storie carry on. Please what do you think??? 

Thanks in advanced to take the time reading me.


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A missionary is 100% dedicated to God for the time that he spends on his mission.  Romantic feelings distract from this.  Because you love him, you will want him to get closer to God as you are getting closer to God.  You don't want to cause him to go farther from God.  Therefore, the best thing for you to do is to not put this missionary in a bad position while serving his mission.  You will need to wait until he completes his mission honorably.  If you want to stay in contact with this missionary, you can write him letters of encouragement to support him on his mission (not romantic letters) and send it to the mission office.  

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I know, I have very similar situation to you. There was a sister missionary that I had a crush on and it was very obvious that she liked me back because the first time I met her, we just had chemistry. It was like a "spark". Our conversations went well and such...I added her on facebook a month later after continuously going to church and seeing her and talking about stuff and getting to know her. We had a really good chemistry and I thought it was good because 99% of the time, that never happens to me! I have low self-esteem but this one sister missionary made me feel good about myself. I couldn't say anything to her about my feelings for her because she was always with her co-missionary. So I messaged her on facebook saying I wanted to date her when she's done with her mission..I got a reply...she said: "sorry, I can't answer to anything like this, if I was to say something about my feelings about you, I wouldn't say it because it would be breaking the rules. I just started my mission and I don't think you'd wanna wait a year and 8 months. I am leaving this week to another location. I am so sorry."

I didn't say anything back. Because I knew what kind of trouble she would be in if her superior missionaries or authorities found out...

I know it feels really bad but that's just the way how things are. I do wish you good luck. Believe it or not, I went to BYU-Idaho. and I've heard a lot of true stories that missionaries end up marrying someone they baptized. I had one buddy who served in the Philippines...and he ended up marrying a beautiful filipina from the same region he served in. He baptized her.  They have a baby now and still attending college in BYU. 

Anything is possible.

But the thing is: missionaries are not allowed to have relationships with anyone while they're on their mission. Being good friends with him might be a good idea. I really can't say....

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I hope you find much joy in the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ Kiara.  God has a plan for you if you let Him into your life and He will help you make much more out of your life as you follow His commandments.  

After this young man's mission has ended if you wish to try and pursue him feel free.  I might caution you that it is very likely things will not work out between you and him.  If not there are other handsome Latter-Day Saint men that you could end up sealed to in the Holy temple of the LORD.

Thank you for also making me laugh Kiara.  You posted this in the Family History subject.

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