The Teacher

Bill "Papa" Lee

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The Teacher

The teacher sits before us,
With silver in his hair.
Is it he, who once was gifted,
Is it he, now seated there? 

He once inspired the classroom,
Now students pause to wonder.
Has age robbed his fertile mind,
Or robbed his voice like thunder?

Can he, now slumped before us,
Rise from his present chair? 
Could even the gifted surgeon,
His broken frame repair? 

Why did this class, he schedule?
Why did he dare appear?
Why would himself embarrass,
Or even call us here? 

With only a cane to lift him,
A deep breath, and heavy sigh.
As once again his students,
Are forced to question; WHY? 

Then on his lips, a quiet prayer,
That God might give him strength.
For that and more were needed,
For a class of such great length! 

Then suddenly the man appears,
That before we could not see.
His voice as loud as thunder,
The man that used to be. 

With every passing hour,
His strength more quickly grows.
From whence this power comes,
Only God and Heaven knows? 

Pain nor age were not enough
To keep him from his task.
As once again we witnessed,
The teacher rise at last! 

Time and age may claim him,
And take his voice away.
But neither had their victory,
Over "Our Teacher", on this day! 

William E Lee
October 12, 2018

As always, forgive any spelling errors, errors in grammar, and errors in punctuation, as I am no scholar. Just a broken down retired teacher, who tries to rise to the occasion now and again. My world was Military, Police Officer, Code Enforment, and part time teacher of Electrical Code and Mathmatics, for 25+ years at local Community College. Due to disability, I teach one class every few months continuing education courses, (four hour class) and after a four hour class that I barely got through, this "poem" was my answer to my prayer.  

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8 minutes ago, Vort said:

I think of Hugh Nibley in his later years.

He would talk so fast, filled with sooooooooo many facts, and with pearls form the past, it would wear you out! Love that guy, and especially his book, (I believe) "Approaching Zion". I read it long ago, and like most books you never see again in your lifetime, you lone it out to a friend, and never see it again. 

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