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12 hours ago, NightSG said:

Sneak into a mid singles activity.  After a couple hours of that you'll be dragging his butt down to Vegas for a drive through wedding. 

I had a recently married 35 year old in my ward once and she made the comment “If one of the requirements for divorce was to spend a Sunday in a single adult ward, no one would ever get divorced”

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 I like this young man, but I don’t feel an emotional connection with him. I’m attracted to him physically, but not emotionally. 

Well that would be called a booty call. I bet this guy is hot. It's hard to break up with hot boyfriends I imagine. 

Hormones > Logic

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Jewish people often deal with life's situations in humorous ways, even serious matters.  Dating and marriage is ripe for jest for rabbis!  For what it's worth...

Lavish visited his mother and father.  He said, "Finally!  I've found the woman I'm going to marry.  Just for fun, I'm going to bring over three women and you guess which one is 'the one.'"  Mama and Papa agreed.

The following day, he brought three lovely women who sat on the sofa and chatted with his parents while enjoying a little nosh.  After they left, he challenged them.  "Okay, can you guess which one I'm going to marry?"

Without hesitating they said, "The one in the middle with the red hair."

Astonished, the son replied, "That's right!  But, how did you know?"

His mother rolled her eyes and looked at him.  "Simple.  She's the one we didn't like."

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