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I have no clue if this is the right place to be sharing this but I've searched for forums where I could get advice from people with good faith... and I really need some. 

Let me start this off by saying, while I am technically not a member of the church and for awhile I didnt believe in God... my perspective has changed. Mainly from my (ex) boyfriend. he never asked me to join the church, or anything of the like. But one day I was telling him about my feelings and he told me he thought I should pray... and so I did... and I felt so much better. I felt like someone else cared enough to do something for me

which brings me to my next point, after that I prayed constantly. for a lot of different things, but what made me really have faith in God was when I would pray about my relationship. I would pray for us to get through a fight, and we would. I would pray for us to be happier, and we would. I would ask for signs, and I'd receive them and they were ALWAYS accurate. Towards the end of my relationship I prayed to God about it and he gave me signs saying it was going to end and somehow I knew I should distance myself... and I did. And pretty soon, my boyfriend broke up with me.

Well now, I've been praying and I dont feel like this was truly the end of my relationship, because it doesnt hurt that bad, it is hard to completely explain this but I prayed to God and asked that my boyfriend and I could get back together some day, and after praying about it I felt instantly happier and I have felt MUCH better... is this God trying to tell me that things will work out? I'm sorry, I'm just so new to praying, but I know God had come through for me in the past. I just feel like this isn't the end. Someone please tell me!

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The tricky thing about prayer is that we sometimes use it to validate decisions we've made already, or to convince ourselves that God is going to arrange things the way we want them.

It's really awesome that you've found prayer and that it's been a comfort to you in your life.  Absolutely stick with it!  The only advice I'd offer here is this:  Just keep in mind that God doesn't always respond to our prayers in the way we want or expect.  He will always act in our best interests, but like children, we don't always know what's best for us.  In those times when He may not answer us the way we want, or in times when it feels like He isn't listening is the time we need to pay attention and see what does happen and try to learn from it.

Whether or not you and your boyfriend will ever get back together isn't really up to God.  The reason is because both you and your ex-bf have free agency, you do what you choose.  We aren't marionettes and God doesn't force us to do anything.  It may be that the warm, comforting feeling you got was to assure you that everything will be okay, but not necessarily in the way you expect.  Trust that.  It will be okay, even if the future doesn't exactly look the way you want or expect it to.

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