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just have some questions about how they deal with emails on pday...Who do they usually write to or put on their 'weekly report' email list? are they allowed to write personal emails to certain people? How many friends actually write to them and do they have time to write back?


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The most common situation: on Mondays, missionaries will have their PDay and spend an hour at the local library writing emails to people.  They'll write a quick letter to their mission president, giving the weekly update.  Past that, it's family and friends.  Yes, they are allowed to write letters to specific individuals.  

They're read every letter sent to them (whether on the computer or print it out to read during the week).  How many people actually write them and how frequently varies greatly missionary to missionary.  I've never met a missionary that didn't LOVE getting letters though.  

For responding, yes they can and do respond to specific individuals though time is short.   Most will also send out a general "here's how I'm doing email" to mom and have it forwarded to a bunch of people (I just received one such forward updating me on how my cousin is doing).  

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