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How much time did you spend on CFM this week?

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I personally studied the Come, Follow Me material for at least 2 hours.

on Tuesday we spent an hour during FHE on the first half.  Monday is usually a busy day at work...

Today I spent another 2 hours teaching the second half, to the younger children.   

Missbones is out of town setting up RM daughter #1 @ BYU, and I had to perform surgery this AM so we missed church.  

So total of 5 hours.  I hope to make it a habit.  

I am thrilled with the program.  It is inspired.  

How was 2 hour church????

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It is very difficult to quantify time spent on CFM.  The wife teaches Gospel Doctrine so there is a back log of discussions getting ready for her presentation.  Sunday after church we spent about an hour and a half reviewing together the material that we do not think will be covered next week when there is no SS.

As far as the 2 hour meetings - it would seem that our ward has a much more difficult time ending meetings on schedule.  Fast and Testimony meeting went over about 15 minutes.  This caused Sunday School to run over but primary did not run over as long.  I think our primary kids are darlings but letting them out before their older siblings and parents did not seem like a good idea.   After the meeting schedule it seemed that we all hung around longer than usual.  My impression is that the following ward on the day schedule were not as excited to see our ward linger as we were to discuss all the new things going on in the church - I wonder if this may be a trend.  For all the fuss over shorter church - it appears to me that most ward members like to hang out - even the kids seemed to be reluctant to get out as fast as when there was a 3 hour block. 

I suspect that we will all soon adjust and long for greener pastures of future change or become nostalgic with "the way we were" - looking forward to such references in talks and testimonies. 😉


The Traveler

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Husband and I have pretty much been doing the basics of Come Follow Me since it was initiated for the Youth Sunday School back in 2013. He was and is the Sunday School President and I was the Librarian. Because he never knew if any of the youth SS teachers were going to show up to teach/facilitate we had to be prepared to give the lessons every Sunday. So that meant that during the week, we studied and gave each other our lessons. 

I have been told that I am a visual learner/teacher. When you talk to me, I envision what you are talking about. Like when I worked at the hardware store and a customer came in wanting the drain system for his kitchen sink and had never in his life dealt with this before. I had him describe the pipes under his sink - and as he talked the image drew itself in my mind.

It is the same when I read. When a scene is described, my mind draws it.

As for the first 2 hours Sunday. Well, we here in my Stake had a wonderful special Stake Conference. Elder Quentin L. Cook spoke to us as well as a number of other people. Since we are on the outermost border of the Stake and our Stake Meetinghouse is on the smaller scale, we and the ward that is 22 miles north of us had it streamed to us. The first 20 minutes it was visual only. Then the sound kicked in. So we missed the opening hymn to the announcements and the first 5 minutes of the first speaker.

The entire theme was The Home Centered, Church Supported Come Follow Me. Sunday morning it was ALL about Parents Teach Your Children. This special stake conference we - ALL of the wards and our lonely Branch [Even the several foreign speaking wards in our Stake are bigger than branches and here we are, still small and still a branch since our beginning] were encouraged to bring their children, and the children were told to listen not only with their hearts, but with their hearts. 

Now for the Adults Session / Fireside which was at 6 pm and streamed via lds dot org to our Stake area only, so those who wished and those with small children could watch at home, there we heard from GA's and their wives and then Elder and Sister Cook. THOSE individual talks - not longer than 10 MINUTES each - were a lead up to Elder Cooks talk emphasizing Temple & Family History work & Home Centered/Church Supported gospel/spiritual work. Bring the Temple into your home, look to the temple. 

His witness and testimony of the revelations brought to us by President Russell M. Nelson, the First Presidency and the Twelve Apostles are a group approved [?] revelations. Prayed about, pondered on, discussed all together at the Holy of Holies in the Temple prior to informing the body of the church.

Hubby and I watched at home. Our chapel that morning was so cold, someone forgot to turn the heat back on AFTER the new propane tank was brought and installed midweek, so his body was in pain-muscle pain. Me ~ my right hip to foot on the right side was in pain. Anyway, the only part of the fireside that we didn't like was the special musical number. The only vocalist thought she was an opera singer and she isn't. Can you spell A W F U L. THAT we could and did mute.

Next Sunday we will have our FIRST two hour Sunday. It will be an interesting one for Hubby, as he has no clue if the youth SS teachers will be teaching, or the new ones, or us. Since I don't have a calling that requires I be somewhere specific on Sundays, I am enlisted to assist Hubby when he has to teach because of an absent teacher. Thus WE both have to be well versed and prepared for both the Youth Come Follow Me and the Gospel Doctrine lessons. (speaking of which, I also need to read, study, pray about and ponder the scheduled lesson for RS)

Back in 2013 when Come Follow Me was first started, I told Hubby that I felt that soon this would be for the adults also. He didn't say anything, gave me he trademark, Okay Honey I'm listening but not commenting look. So I wrote it down, put it in an envelope and tucked it away with my diabetic meds. Brought it out the Sunday they announced it over the pulpit. Of course since Hubby is SSP, he got all the information via email two weeks in advance, and since he uses my email I read it before him.

When we had finished our after Sunday brunch, I handed him the unopened envelope and told him Told Ya So.


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