Non LDS Family Sabatoges All Attempts at Church Name Change

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Well, Christmas was...interesting. 
Conversation with my family at Christmas:
A family member uses the word "mormon" while another family member uses the word "LDS" to describe our church and ask if we were still members and attending.
My 16 year old lovingly tried to correct them with some of the suggested tips President Nelson asked us to use regarding the name change.
After they apologized and started asking her some questions about the church and some of her activities she's been involved in lately in and out of the church they asked where they could go to get some of the information she was talking about. "!" she excitedly told them. Cue the eyebrow lift in my direction on their end. 
A few more minutes go by.
Then we pulled the Bible out to read the Nativity story for Christmas. My son asked if we could watch the movie too. My family said, "the movie?" 
"Yeah!" he replied. 
"Where can we find it?" they asked. 
Now I was getting THE LOOK from them. i just let them have it. What can you POSSIBLY say to that other than "you win!"
They laughed. 
I laughed. 
At least they know I believe in Jesus. 
*Sigh* Sink down in chair.
Conversation with kids on the way back to where we were staying: "Maybe as we visit more family members this week we just NOT hit on certain subjects, okay?"
My now humbled 16 year old. "Done." 
Please share your funny The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (gulp for breath) name change stories. 
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